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October 02, 2003

China Celebrates

Looks impressive.
And so they should celebrate. They have built a modern nation in a century.

We Australians should celebrate with them. And remember their history of becoming a modern nation state through having to toss out the foreign invaders.

By contrast, we Australians are the heirs of colonists. We became a modern nation through agreement not warfare. Nor did the Japanese seize control of part of our sovereign territory last century.

They have a lot to celebrate as they change from a planned economy of the Maoist past into a market economy.

The CCP has still to appreciate the difference between treating people as subjects and citizens. And Peking doesn't take too kindly to the democratic movement in Hong Kong.

A free market economy may be developing but not liberal democracy. The convergence theories (between East and West) of the 1980s looked a bit shopworn these days.

Chairman-Meow was fortunate to be able to go and experience the fireworks. It looks as if it were a great show.

At least we Australians are no longer talking about defending our shores from the approaching Red Menace. The politics of fear has taken a different turn. It's now Islamic terrorists.

Another kind of celebration of China.

As we know the Chinese aren't too good on the human rights stuff.

As as Peking Duck reports the underside of the Chinese economic miracle is China's impoverished rural regions:

"...as the economy of the coastal cities soars, that of the countryside disintegrates, forcing more and more rural citizens with no hope to become prostitutes, thieves and streetsweepers."

The countryside pays the price for China to join the modern world, become a member of the WTO and host the next Olympics?

Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at October 2, 2003 09:08 AM

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