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July 01, 2005

Israel: settlers vs the state

The Middle East is becoming ever more turbulent after the American intervention and occupation of Iraq in the name of bringing democracy to the region.


The White House continues to say that things are going real well in Iraq. They are the winning the war. The problem is the media focusing on the bad news. Meanwhile Iraq continues to descend into chaos with ever more car bombs and causalites.

What Martin Rawson's cartoon misses is the situation I mentioned here. The conflict within Israel has got much worse. The Age reports that the:

"...Israeli Government has launched a crackdown on ultra-nationalist Jews challenging its authority, sending paramilitary police to storm a right-wing stronghold in the Gaza Strip.The forced removal of dozens of far-right activists from the derelict Palm Beach hotel yesterday after days of mounting violence and disruption from fundamentalist Jews opposed to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's proposed withdrawal of settlers from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank."

The settler violence is turning ugly, as right-wing Israel youth attempted to stone to death a Palestinian youth to protest the pending evacuation of Gaza Strip settlements.

Israel is no longer a unified Jewish state. Limits have been placed on the Greater Israel settlement movement by the Israeli state. The rightwing Zionist settlers, who are initiating the anti-disengagement revolt, see the disengagement from the Gaza strip as a unilateral Israeli withdrawal, and as Israel giving the Palestinian enemy territory for nothing.

Where will neo-conservative Colin Rubenstein and Ted Lapkin editorial team of the hawkish Australia/Jewish and Israel Affairs Council's (AJIAC)Review stand on this issue? Rubenstein and Lapkin have been very pro the settler movement, have identified it with Israel, and always talk about 'us' Israeli's. Well 'us' has just been sundered, as the Zionist settler's revolt is challenging the power and authority of the Israeli state. Sharon is not fooled. He says that those in revolt are terrorists. That is very different from this sympathetic portrayal of the rebels in the AJIAC's Review.

Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at July 1, 2005 10:09 AM

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