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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

A Big Thanks to the war crowd « Previous | |Next »
February 19, 2003

The 'lets wage war on Iraq now' crowd surged through public opinion for a moment, stopping by to drop some of their concerns in the comments box on the Anti-Democratic sentiments post. They took great exception to my gentle political teasing of the noble and witty Tim Blair, who is so witheringly scornful of the absurdities of the left.

Thanks folks. It was good of you to give up your precious time and energy in waging war against the enemies of the state to read my humble blog. You delivered far more than I ever dared hoped for -- an insight into the political unconscious of Australian conservatism. The fragments are there for all to see and interpret.

I had initially raised the idea of the conservative political unconscious in Anne Coulter & the US Gaze in relation to the US. There I mentioned the politics of blind fury as one pathway to understanding the deep drives of the lets go to war now crowd on the street. I described this politics as:

"what sits underneath the American patriotic narrative of innocence underseige by the Third World, the surge of patriotic pride and the going back to the basics. We can begin to get a grasp on this 'blind fury' if we see it as an aggressive stance of retaliation within Fortress America to the unspeakable Evil from the threatening Outside?"

I added that the politics of blind fury could also be "interpreted as a paranoiac acting out; a paranoia that refuses to include itself in the picture other than as an innocent gaze confronting a diabolical evil."

I had another go in a post on, called Absolute freedom and terror. By absolute freedom I meant a:

"blind fury that is willing to destroy what stands in its way. What it constructs as its opposite----that which has to be fought and destroyed ----is a negative, which is called terror. A war has to be unleashed on terror. Terror must be destroyed. What this gives birth to is a self-destroying reality. So we have a dialectic of absolute freedom and terror and this makes for dark times."

See the coments for the interesting and informed responses.

At the time I had no idea whether the political unconscious politics of blind fury applied to Australian conservatism. I did consider that it would be possible to map US and Australian political unconscious through the neo-con conservatives. But the comments to the Absolute freedom and terror post put paid to that. The political unconscious of conservatism took us outside the horizons of liberalism into something quite different.

Now I have some understanding of the political unconscious of Australian conservatism. What can I discern apart from the usual dualistic division of the world into goodies and baddies, the might is right conception of justice, and the critics of the war have no arguments on their side?

If you read the comments in theAnti-Democratic sentiments post you can see the politics of blind fury. My kind are the Other (grubby, disgusting,needing to be flushed down the toilet). The terror of the sword can be seen in the statement about my kind would have to be shot in the head if we gain any sort of power. You can see the absolute freedom in the reaction to my suggestion that the UN should act as a contraint on the power of a hegemonic US--there should be no restraint at all--that is statism and 'socialist junta of hostile foreign powers overwriting the US constitution. You can see the totalitarianism in the remark the 'your kind [inferior weaklings] are born to be slaves and lick the boots of the strongman.'

So thanks folks for allowing me to see the violence of your political unconscious. It is much appreciated as we have the beginnings of a political language, one that has yet to articulate its concerns in the language of rebellion, sedition and treason.

It is one that fails to understand that the lefty leaders/speakers, such as Pilger and Brown are sufficiently skilled in oratory and rhetoric to win over the people marching against the war. Are these persuasive speakers now seen as the architects of rebellion?

I reckon that these folks have a big problem with my kind being allowed to speak and act the way we do in our liberal democracy. That means they have a big problem with a liberal political order per se.

Since I need to do a bit more reading to overcome my ignorance of international relations I'll do a bit of digging around in Joseph de Maistre's politics of the inquisition and report back. I promise.

Meanwhile we could have some fun reading of the US street in

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:43 PM | | Comments (9)


at least we now have a good idea of the kind of folks Tim Blair attracts to his blog...

Ah, yes but can we judge a man by the company he keeps? or the traffic that passes through his blog? Methinks perhaps we can.

Poor Tim Blair. He's like a kid throwing rocks from afar. Claiming to be 'a Conservative' but spewing forth venom and putting the 'knee' in knee jerk. But, when given the chance to give voice to his stance in a public arena ( ie Philip Adams debate) he, incredibly, declines it perhaps having neither the experience nor the depth of understanding to mount an argument that goes any further than a permanent sneer

Not too many Aussies posting in that mob, as far as I can tell.

Yeah, could well have been a freeperthon.

Since we're not American, "freeperthon" is also meaningless...

You don't have to be American to know what a 'freeper' is. It refers to people who frequent the Free Republic website. I suspect that there are plenty of non-Americans who go there.

I wander around

Its where you find all the stuff about America-hating leftist weasels who are terrorist supporting leftists.

So good Amerian patriots have gotta form a group, grab their signs, unfurl the flag and be prepared to support their country to fight the enemy within in the name of operation infinite freedom.

The freedom fighters will not falter, will not tire and will not fail. They remember 9/11 and know that America is the right way.

And so on and so on. The lines are not difficult. The site is mostly about whipping up the emotions of the populace.

Oh, OK. I'd assumed it was some quaint derogatory term for Republican. Sounds great. I'll give it a miss.