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Iraq, Israel and US strategy « Previous | |Next »
March 3, 2003

This article from the DEBKAfile is a very good account of what is happening in the Middle East after the re-election of the Sharon Government. it situates the goals of the Sharon Government within the overall geopoiltical strategy of the region.

What I find of interest is the argument that the:

"...US-led war against Iraq and Saddam Hussein’s overthrow [is] but one tile in America’s redesigned ethno-geopolitical mosaic for the Middle East and Persian Gulf..... The permanent presence of a large American military force of some 70,000 troops in Iraq for the next decade will have a revolutionary impact on the military-strategic balance of power in the region. This presence will differ from the longstanding US military foothold in Saudi Arabia in that it will be America’s main military base for the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf and Horn of Africa. The global war against terrorism and the rogue nations deploying weapons of mass destruction will be conducted from bases guarding the banks of the Euphrates and the Tigris and the oilfields of northern and southern Iraq."

In all likelihood Israel will become an even more significant regional power with expanded boundaries. And this article details the military preparations for war taking place amongst the Arab states in the Middle East.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:01 PM | | Comments (2)


The same Americans now implementing this Think Tank strategy concocted it first for Irael's then PM, Netanyahu, in the mid 90s. This is why those defending war with Iraq are accused of "dual loyalties" - to Israel and the U.S. Some powerful Australians supporting the war actually have triple loyalities, which is why hardly anyone in OZ talks about the geopolitics of the Middle East.

Good point. I was wondering why hardly anyone in OZ talks about the geo-politics of the Middle East.