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December 6, 2004

There is no need to add anything much about the money bucket called the Regional Partnerships program. It is just the latest example in a long bipartisan tradition of porkbarrelling for electoral purposes with little transparency of process.


What few words that can be said is that the National Party, as an agrarian political party, is in terminal decline. They failed to represent its traditional heartland properly. So they try to cheat political death.

They've also being doing a bit of rebranding as they are now The Nationals. Does that mean they recognize that their agrarian mythology is looking very tattered.

Oh, and I would like to add that the Senate would not have looked into the pork barrelling engaged in by the Nationals after June 30 2005. It will be a new era.

Update: Dec.8
The regional pork rorts finger is being pointed at De Anne Kelly, the Veterans Affairs Minister. She is now defending herself against evidence that she splashed out large amounts of government funds, without proper process, for electoral advantage.

She will be protected by Howard as she faces growing public pressure to quit.

Update: Dec. 9th
The Prime Minister admitted that De-Anne Kelly had breached the rules of ministerial conduct in her employment of a staff member with a potential conflict of interest. She failed to lodge the required form giving details of the staff member's financial interests, including potential conflicts of interest. Since the mistake was minor there was no need for her to be sacked.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:03 PM | | Comments (2)


Yep, even Alby Schultz (Libs) is up in arms.

Oh well, just wait till they control both houses.

My predictions:

Huge Increases to electoral allowances for sitting members

Lots more projects in newly won seats.

ALP seats to get 2/10ths of stuff-all.

Safe Coalition seats to get 3/10ths of stuff-all.

We could well be looking at an entrenched power here.

I guess the ALP has to count its small victories these days. The best that the ALP can do is make de Anne Kelly damaged goods, and trying to show the arrogance of the Howard Governemt by confronting and challenging the Speaker.

That will give an uplift in spiirts but it will do nothing about the entrenched Coalition power confronting it.

The uplift in spirits is not enough to quell all the leadership speculation.

Nor does making de Anne Kelly damaged goods address the need to reform the ALPs's inward looking culture of the factional warlords. These are mostly interested in branch stacking, faking documents, rewarding people for favours, creating personal fiefdoms and pursuing their own power at the expense of democracy.