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January 18, 2005

It cannot get much worse, can it?


Apparently so. They have been busy fighting themselves they've forgotten that they are expected to fight the Howard Government. Isn't that what oppositions do in a liberal democracy?

The corporate media have stirred the story along, filling the Xmas vacuum created by Latham, with their kind of political pressure about leadership. However, the media is not self-reflective about its role.

The situation is at breaking point now. Something has to give. Everyone says so.

And I'm in sensory overload from all the chatter, and tired from keeping up with who said what to whom about drowning not waving.

It is said that the sacrifice has to be made. The new must make way for the old. In the interests of the party, of course. And the nation?

Oh no, not Kim again.

Give the leadership to the women I say. The men cannot sort the mess they created. But they lack the courage to get behind Julia Gillard.

What are others saying?

Michelle Grattin's mind is made up. And the rest of the Canberra Press Gallery and mainstream journalism? Have they kissed Mark Latham goodbye too after they built him up?

The fallout from going backwards in the last federal election is continuing to create havoc inside the ALP. The internal bitterness is very deep and widespread. The hole they are busily digging for themselves just gets deeper. They are in a self-destruct mode.

Will Kim Beazley--the unity and stability candidate for the ALP leadership-- be able to stop the party's self-destruction?

Mark Latham has kissed it all goodbye. He announced he will resign as federal Opposition Leader and quit politics due to ill-health.He needs to look after his health and live a normal life with his family.

Update: comments
Andrew Bartlett has a good post on this.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:19 AM | | Comments (2)


"Oh no, not Kim again."

That should be the headline of the day!

Alas, the headlines may become reality.

Julia Gillard does represent a different choice though. One the party will not take, mores the pity.