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August 16, 2005

It is hard to follow what is going on in Parliament these days without being able to watch the House or the Senate on cable televison. Here we are setting up an office in Kingston and we cannot even get a video feed of the action in Parliament on cable (Transact) in the most trendy suburb of the capital.

The cable has yet to be laid and the ABC's new digital channel does not offer the parliamentary video feed. Maybe, Foxtel's satellite service is geared to regional markets, and they offer a live parliamentary feed through the digital Sky channel.

So I am in the same position as in Adelaide. The best that we can get on television is question time on the ABC. Or we can get is a blurry video feed on my computer screen. So I am reliant on the packaqing provided by the newspapers, radio and TV, just like everyone else.

I did manage to catch the cheeky Telstra $5 billion investment plan, in which Telstra invests $3.6 billion on the fixed-line phone network and broadband, (rather than mobiles) provided the federal government also puts in $2.6 billion,institutes a light regulatory regime and blocks operational separation.

Last night I caught a media moment of Barnaby Joyce saying he'd pretty much got the money he was after for telecommunications in the bush and he was willing to cut a deal, once he'd checked in with the Queensland Nationals. He implied that he was okay with the package that Helen Coonan was taking to cabinet today.


Joyce deserves credit for what is currently on the cabinet table. But he is cheap. He's happy with $3 billion--combination of a $2 billion trust fund and a $1 billion upfront investment---out of around $32 billion.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:47 AM | | Comments (2)


You are a good writter as well as a good cartoonist also.I like you're cartoons.

the cartoons are not mine. They are by a variety of Australian cartoonists publishing in the major newspapers.