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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Liberal tribulations « Previous | |Next »
August 20, 2008

It would appear that the conservative movement has given up on Nelson to lead them to a well deserved victory in the next election. So there is a campaign to draft someone to prevent Turnbull. Costello weighs heavily on their mind, and they see the giant shadow Costello casts over them. They have created the shadow and it is what happens when you spend time in the wilderness with out yesterday's Leader to run the show.

SobA.jpg Adam Sob

What more can one say? That this political theatre is important because only the LIberals stand between us and the loss of our personal freedom from the Nanny State?That only the Liberals will dispense with the mindset of mediocrity that years of failure and embarrassment under Labor state governments have entrenched in us? That the solution to mediocrity, depression and dependence in a therapeutic culture is elitism? Only the Liberals will defend an open society.

The Liberals have to avoid looking weak don't they. They were ensnared in their own trap---I trust my Leader with unchecked power because he's Good!. They are firm believers in the omnipotence of the Leader when they were in power, and they are experiencing trauma in opposition because they are being mugged by reality. No longer can the Liberal political Establishment luse their old tricks: lie most brazenly when they want to claim that their own insulated, fringe views are shared by the common sense of the majority of "the Australian people" as distinct from the left wing base.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:03 PM | | Comments (9)


Chris Berg and co ( the inaptly named Christian Kerr, for example? ) will be giving that a rousing cheer, as we march; "onward, upward;
ever upward",
to that
"well-deserved" victory you speak of.

As a fan of celebrity politics, politics as theatre, drama, soap opera and all that shallow end type of stuff, I'm grateful for the Liberals right now. Labor are deadly dull by comparison.

I've been out of the loop for a few days so can't remember where I saw it now, but somebody pointed out that in their slow drift to the right, allowing the ALP to occupy the centre, the Liberals have found themselves huddled together in Extremeville with no sensible way of getting back. A decent leader would be wasted on them right now.

They're not helping themselves by continuing to share the same bathwater as their friends in the media, who tend to be even more extreme than themselves. Maybe Gerard Henderson's retirement will coincide with the rebirth of an electable Liberal Party.

their sensible way of getting back to the political centre is Turnbull, but a majority (or so it would seem) do not want to take that option.

Turnbull seemed the sensible choice to me too. But I don't mind Turnbull myself, which suggests to me that Liberal voters probably wouldn't like him. Then again, the Liberals don't need Liberal voters, do they? They need swingers and ALP voters. If Malcolm could tone down the silvertail image I reckon he could do Labor some proper damage.

Well Costello is still ruling himself out, despite the Australian's campaign to draft him as their new messiah who will lead the Liberal Party out of the political wilderness.

The dream is still alive. All Costello said is that he wouldn't be challenging, so there's still hope that Nelson will step aside. Could it get more pathetic?

It must be frustrating the hell out of The Australian to be pushing so hard and achieving nothing. And the longer it goes on the more embarrassing it gets.

I thought that Costello guards Nelson's back from the assailants. Isn't that the Australian's story?

That's today's story. Gallant Costello selflessly guarding the underdog Nelson. It never occurs to them that Nelson's leadership, and therefore Costello's guarding of it, is damaging the party.

Denis Shanahan continues the campaign:

But Labor doesn't simply assume that Nelson or Turnbull will be the only economic interlocutor. Costello is increasingly in Labor's thoughts as a potential leader and economic crusader. Of course, like Howard, Costello will bring to the Liberal leadership, if he takes it, a lot of baggage.

Push push push. Labor fears Costello etc. Hell cut Swan with taunts--- a swan that flaps its wings and squawks very loudly."