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September 20, 2011

I've been out of the political loop as I've been in Ballarat and Melbourne on a phototrip. I haven't listened to the news or read a newspaper since Friday. I presume that I haven't missed that much.


Abbott is continuing to tear up the rule book and to up the anti on conflict to smash the Gillard Govt; the latter continues to limp along; the rhetoric about stopping the boats and breaking the people smuggling business model is still being rolled out; News Ltd continues to rant and rave about the media inquiry and the Green bullies continuing to run the country and hold it to ransom; and Gillard and Labor continue to be unpopular because of doing deals with the Greens.

Question Time is as bad as ever. Etc etc. Has anything shifted in the political landscape?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:02 PM | | Comments (14)


Someone moved a pot plant.

They've moved it back. It was hiding a stain on the carpet.

Gillard's approval rating went up and Abbott's went down, both by quite a bit more than the moe.

In an effort to prove they have no sense of irony whatsoever, some in the media have been complaining nobody's holding Tony Abbott to account.

Wayne Swan was nominated, and has since won, the award for best treasurer.

Obama said he wants to tax the rich and Fox went berzerk.

Greg Jericho from Grog's Gamut got a job writing for the Chaser.

Kevin Rudd had a run in with American customs over his vegemite.

Myer blamed the carbon tax for slowing profits in hosiery.

So much momentous stuff it's hard to comprehend it all.

Irony alert!
Scott Morrison is now concerned with upholding the human rights of refugees.

I just got back from a month in the US.
I spent time in 2 US cities.
Not nice.
The stats about inequality of wealth, poverty, unemployment and all that sort of stuff take on a human face as you wander the streets.
Not pretty.
I sometimes wonder if our 'leaders', the political elite, ever get down and dirty into the streets where people live.
I doubt it.

Yeah, 'toon is sexist, too. Toned down slightly, but smug.
An alternative is,
"Julia Gillard blamed after found inspecting tools blamed for Abbott and Murdoch's dismantling of democracy here, in sync with globalisation, since 2007."
One suspects in some matters, the truth exists between two poles. And then back through history.
A report else where points the way forward, with a report concerning cooperations between the Greens and unions including action pertaining to imports of cheap and possible dangerous products into this nation.

With the exception of the two years after Kevin Rudd replaced Kim Beazley, nothing much has changed in Australian politics since 2001. The short Kevin07 era, when it seemed there was a chance we might return to reasonably rational and humane politics, now seems like a distant memory.

Abbott has said no to the Malaysian option. Gillard can stew in her own juices as far as Abbott is concerned and he'll put coals on the fire. He's all for defending the United Nations Refugee Convention these days. Anything to twist the knife into Gillard

Abbott's recent expressions of concern about refugee rights and human rights are, for the most part, pure expediency.

Gillard will have to make the turn to onshore processing - the option that she and Chris Bowen has spent the past two weeks condemning as massively expensive and not in the best interests of the country.

News Ltd is going to have a facelift--a new image. The old one is seen as too close to that of an arrogant bully boy

The Australian continues to blow hot and cold over being criticised. What's new?

"Gillard will have to make the turn to onshore processing -"

And to the Gillard Govt is dragged screaming into adopting its own party's official platform position.

It is still the Tony and Julia show and it is boring

Yes it is boring sue,
Does that mean we are part of this new fickle political daily drama fix society or does it mean we want truth and real things. I must admit i like both.