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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

scrutinising Abbott « Previous | |Next »
July 12, 2012

Abbott's political style is one of endlessly repeated slogans, such as "turning the boats back" or the "great big tax on everything." He avoids going on those programs where the slogans are analyzed and he is forced to spell out the details of what turning the boats back means. He simply links turning the boats back to strong border security, another slogan.


What is surprising is that the Canberra Press Gallery has let him get away with this kind of rhetoric. They give him an easy ride. No better example is the way they talk about the carbon tax instead of carbon pricing, thereby accepting Abbott's central claim.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:48 AM | | Comments (5)


It's all very Republican. I sometimes wonder whether the whole thing isn't being strategised by some lobbying firm in Washington.

Low level political marketing is very similar to takeaway food. It is targeting the same socio-economic groups. Catchy slogans are standard because if you stop telling people your chicken is finger lickin' good or your burgers are BIGGER they forget and follow the other shops slogan to the cash register. "Big New TAX" " STOP the BOATS" have become slogans similar to " OUR BURGERS are BIGGER"

The Canberra press gallery seem only to be interested in politics-as-tennis, unfortunately. Since journos have a reputation as heavy drinkers, they probably have a limited number of functioning brain cells to share around, along with the attention span of a swarm of gnats.

"It's all very Republican. I sometimes wonder whether the whole thing isn't being strategised by some lobbying firm in Washington."

I maintain that is the curse of sharing a common (???) language with our American cousins. Along with the worthwhile stuff, we also import and absorb some of their worst trash without context or criticism.

Their slogans and mentality constantly bombards us... unfiltered, unedited.

I have lost count of how many times I have received right-wing rant emails which clearly originated in the US. A quick glance at the spelling, the "support the troops" chest-thumping, the "defending our freedom" dribble and use of phrases such as... "town hall" make it obvious it's the work of some disgruntled yank nutter.

But substitute Parramatta for Dallas and Lebanese for Mexican and that same bullshit pops up all over this sunburnt country.

Channel 7 [I think it was them, might have been one of the others] had
"We'll all be rooned by the carbon TAX price hikes" on teev today, with Joe Hockey chiming in happily.
I wonder what our political climate would be like with a free press and media?