February 14, 2003

Do you still believe?

Now that the war with Iraq is almost us---its the endgame say those politicians twitching for war----does anybody still believe Hegel's big thesis about history. You know the one:

'That the Enlightenment abolishes itself by realizing itself.'

Does anybody believe that?

No? Not really?

Then what about Hegel's other big claim:

'That the sole work and deed of universal freedom therefore is death, a death too which has no inner significance or filling.' (The Phenomenology of Spirit)

Yes? No?

Can we take that insight into our history on board as the cruise missiles make their way through the streets of Bhagdad and the smart bombs take out the country's infrastructure?

Bring on the shock and awe I hear people say. Its time.

The media are gearing up for the carnival to begin.

Many seem to be under the spell of the war machine and just want to hear imitations of that good old rock and roll.

What will shock us awake now?

What is going to create a nature morte for us in the 21st century?

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