March 25, 2004


I see this scene around me all the time in Adelaide:
Robert Boynes,
City Square 2, 1979

I see that scene far more so than this one of wasted drugged lives. Drugged bodies lying in alleyways and back lanes is more common in Melbourne and Sydney.

Yet appearances can be deceiving. Though homelessness is a visible indication of the existence of poverty in Australia it is the old face of poverty. Welfare poverty. The new face of poverty in Australia is the working poor.

This form of poverty is caused by many people having to work casual jobs that have arisen from the opening up of the Australian economy to the global market. The working poor can be found amongst the working class and the middle class. The working poor is denied by those whose horizons are bounded by the free market.

Do we have any images of the working poor?

Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at March 25, 2004 11:19 PM | TrackBack

Gary, I couldn't help but notice the image from yesterday and today are the same but with different titles and dimensions?
On a purely selfish and personal note, something has been bugging me that I thought you may be able to help with...a recent photograph I posted on my photoblog that put me in mind of an Australian urban realists work from ? circa 1960's but for the life of me I can't remember his name and haven't been able to find a reference to him (or his paintings) in my collection of books or in a web search (I'm probably using the wrong key words or something) At any rate I remember one work in particular of a gentleman standing in a bright sunlight scene at the base of a overpass. Not having a chance to revisit the Ian Potter Gallery to check I thought if anyone might know the artists name it would be you!
The photograph that put me in mind of this artist is here
I would appreciate it if you could help me out of my ignorant state.

Posted by: PunkClown on March 26, 2004 06:22 AM


The artist you're looking for is Jeffrey Smart

Posted by: Smartypants on March 26, 2004 07:42 PM

Thanks a lot Gary! I knew you would know.

Posted by: PunkClown on March 27, 2004 08:49 AM

Oh hang on...sorry, I am not very observant today! Thanks very much Smartypants!

Posted by: punkclown on March 27, 2004 08:52 AM

Sorry I haven't been on the ball, but I've been having technical problems on top of being on the road.

It is good to see that junk for code has a visually educated readership.

Posted by: Gary Sauer-Thompson on March 27, 2004 04:00 PM

What about visual art from the Depression era or the 1920s? I remember a painting called "the Brushoff" which featured an ALP politician giving a poor man the brushoff.

Posted by: dj on March 30, 2004 02:20 PM
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