July 20, 2004

Tourist eye on Tasmania

An email from Eden, who has just been holidaying in Tasmania. Eden writes:


After reading your blog over the past few months, I made a concerted effort to seek out some of the areas of Tas that have sustained environmental damage. From the air, it was easy to spot the logging areas -- not because of bald spots, but because of the neat rows of plantation regrowth. It was like looking at a man with hair transplants. Those areas were few and far between, at least. While I was never forced off the road by a logging truck, I can assure you that it's no fun to be driving in front of or next to them in a tiny Mitsubishi Lancer. I don't know if the regulations have changed since I was there, but there was a debate underway about the state limiting the number of hours a logging truck driver could be on the road to 12 hours per day. The drivers were complaining that their routes were long and that would dramatically cut down on their income by limiting the number of loads they could do each day. After seeing the speed at which they were traveling already, I shudder to think of the result if they're trying to beat curfew.

As for Queenstown, it was heartening to see the regrowth beginning. I've attached a couple of photos; it was a misty day and the photos are indistinct:

Eden, Queenstown, Tasmania, 2004

The other photo is a poorly framed sign I found on the east coast of Tassie in Elephant Pass:

Eden, Road Sign, Tasmania, 2004

Eden's description of her holiday is here. You can discover more of Tasmania here.

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