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October 09, 2004

Election day

I will be handing out how to vote cards all day in the Liberal heartland of the Barossa. I won't be back in Adelaide until latter tonight, just in time to catch Antony Green's election trend predictions on the ABC's Australia Votes.

Here is a view of what happens underneath the glossy media surfaces:


We have got richer and more prosperous. But we have become meaner, less kind and generous to one another and more afraid as well.

That has been the tradeoff. That tradeoff has now become part of the nation's political unconscious. Free markets + religiously informed social conservatism.

Leunig hopes that this will change today. Alas, truth in government (refugees and Iraq) has not been a key issue in this federal election.

It was all over by 7.15pm apparently. By then it was realized that it was impossible for Labor to win the election and that the ALP was likely to emerge with fewer seats than before. That is what I heard around 7.30pm when I got back from the Barossa and turned on the TV. Then it was only a question of how bad it was going to get for the ALP; and whether it could make gains in SA and WA.

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