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spinning out of control « Previous | |Next »
May 14, 2004

The US strategy for freedom and democracy from Saddam's killing fields, and then across the greater Middle East, is looking a tad tacky:


This expresses the view that the Bush administration's key strategic concern is to promote genuine democracy and independence in Iraq is hollow. The US Army acknowledges that the majority of the prisoners in the prison were innocent civilians.

Here is Riverbend's response to the images of torture in the Abu Ghraib prison. A response from Mai Ghoussoub, a European Arab, can be found here.

Here is the International Red Cross Report. Here is the neo-conservative spin. This is a response to Donald Rumsfeld's testimony to the US Congress

The US military is becoming divided over the strategy pursued in Iraq. The current one is winning the battles and losing a war. If the US envisaged its presence in Iraq as a grand nation-building exercise, then its mode of occupation has caused many Iraqis are coming together with the nationalist goal of expelling the US from Iraq.

With extremist Islamists (Al Qaeda?) in Iraq ritually beheading Nick Berg, an American civilian, it does look as if the Iraq war is spinning out of control. The still photos from the video are here.

Juan Cole reports that the beheading was condemned in the Arab world here. (see Jordan Times) Juan also provides a link to other condemnations.

As Billmon observes Iraq is becoming "a war without limits - and without mercy given or shown." It has become a nasty, cruel and vicious war. Even Andrew Sullivan is going wobbly.

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