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The Beheading: tit for tat? « Previous | |Next »
May 15, 2004

The video of the beheading of Nick Berg (reputedly by the Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who has links to Al Qaeda) was taken down from the Muntada al-Ansar al-Islami website before I could find and download it.

If you want to see the video check here or, better still, here.

There are some graphic stills from the video on the net:

More stills here.

I have not seen these powerful still images online in the major media. Does a double standard operate here?

It is not a war any more in Iraq. It is an occupation, complete with uprisings, torture and savage reprisals. Paul McGeough talks in terms of cycles of violence:

"This week's grotesque beheading of a Jewish-American in Iraq came after the appalling scandal of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by their US captors, which followed the debacle of the American attack on Falluja, which was retribution for the butchery of four American security contractors in the same city, which Arab observers claim bore the hallmarks of a revenge attack for an unspecified American act at some point in the past 13 months."

In the Senate, Robert Hill, the Australian Defence Minister, who understands that the moral footing of the occupation is slipping, continues to talk about the transfer of sovereignty to Iraq on June 30th. This implies that the Americans will leave Iraq by June 30. Does this mean that their troops go with the hand over of sovereignty?

The stark reality is that the US occupation will continue, and so will the cycles of uprisings, torture and reprisals.


There does seem to line being run softly softly by politicians in Australia.This says that the decapitation of Nick Berg was cruel and inhumane, and that this barbarism puts the American torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib in some sort of context. The perspective is that the Americans are better than the Arabs. The former are better deal with the crimes committed by their bad guys whilst the crimes committed by the bad Arabs go unpunished by Arab states.

Thus Alexander Downer, the Australian Foreign Minister, says in relation to the torture in Abu Ghraib prison to induce prisoners to speak:

"...Well, they're crimes. There's no question about that. However you define the crimes they're crimes and I expect people who commit crime to be prosecuted. That, at least, is cold comfort but it's comfort that where people like Americans and Brits are concerned they do prosecute these crimes, they're not just left undealt with. Under Saddam Hussein's regime much more evil crimes than this occurred and of course no one did anything about it."

Might not these crimes imply that the incarceration of terrorist suspects at Guantanamo is insufficiently transparent?

What Downer is endeavouring to do is to prop up the loosening moral footings of the occupation. In doing so he has places two things to one side. First, he is silent about the way his noble West helped create Saddam the monster. Second, Downer ignores that the Abu Ghraib prison photos show intention – a plan – to ensure Arab subjugation to get them to talk; a plan that probably goes to the top. Downer seems to accept the bad apple theory: the military personnel had bad (wild, untamed, animal) natures that got out of control.

Is there a moral equivalence being suggested here in Downer's better (US is civilized) and worse (Arabs are barbarians) duality? The softly softly implication that is being suggested is the implication that, if the barbarians are willing to do those evil things to the American civilians, then the US is partially, if not wholly, vindicated in the abuse it has perpetrated. It's a moral equivalence interpretation of tit for tat.

Is this moral equivalence to shore up the slipping in moral footings of the occupation? Is there a moral equivalence here? Or is it illusory? I think it is illusory: how can there be moral equivalence between us (civilized) and them (barbarians).

So Downer's black and white attempt to shore up the moral footings looks very shaky given the indications that Washington probably knew about the system of interrogation involving sexual humiliation, physical force and torture. The line between civilization and barbarism is much thinner than Downer implies.

On another note, there are comment on the beheading as human sacrifice and the sacred here and here
The Weekly Standard's moral clarity article talks in terms of forces opposing a free society in Iraq. The word 'free' needs to be questioned after the images from the Abu Ghraib prison and the indications that this was standard operating procedure.

I have been reading some Iraqi blogs this evening to see their reaction to the execution of Nick Berg by the Ansar al-Islam group. Many are shocked and in recoil. The beheading was condemned by many Muslim leaders as contrary to Islamic law. This is not acknowledged by the Howard Government or the Bush administration in their condemnation of the lack of outrage shown by Muslim world to the Nick Berg beheading.

Some good comments on this can be found at

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 05:53 AM | | Comments (73) | TrackBacks (2)

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No matter what noises his mouth makes, Hill's body language is saying 'Jesus Christ, oh God, can I leave now?'

Quite a contrast with the born to rule confidence he and Downer displayed in the leadup and early days. Downer on Lateline the other night looked like a prefect trying to explain the missing lunch money.

The breeding doesn't seem to have helped much. Upper lips may be stiff; chins, where they exist, might be up, but they are steering SS Clueless at the moment. In fact, they always have been; it's just that this has now dawned on them too.

Their shuddering had an analogue in Bush the other day, his little voice barely holding up as it bravely assayed phrases from the playbook. And of course Blair, though he still sounds reasonably plausible if you don't think too hard, looks as if he's just been convicted of insider trading.

Shock and awe. Bring it on. Operation Vast Ignorance and Millennial Fear. It's going a treat ain't it?

As Alan Ramsey asks in today's Sydney Morning Herald why is the Opposition so quiet on these matters?

Am I the only one who thinks that these animals would have beheaded Mr. Berg with or without a reason?

I am half Lebanese and when i saw the video, i heard the murderers saying over and over again: There is only one God and God is the greatest. I dont see how you could even speak of God's name while committing such a brutal murder. i hope those men are found and killed the same way they killed that innocent man. I pray for him and his family.

Nick Berg's murderers will see justice.

They have done an excellent job of making Nick Berg a martyr for Nick Berg's cause. His cause was to give up all worldly posssesions to help some more unfortunate people, despite their hostility. Their ill treatment of justice and of an innocent with such helpful intensions reveals the failure of their religion.

Because of Nick Berg's love and willingness to help others, there are even more children hearing of this story than 9.11 and asking, "What can I do to rid the world of terrorism."

In the end, these murderers (just like the prison guards who humiliated Iraqis prisoners) will be dealt justice and they will find themselves saying "God is great..." To Nick Berg's God.


As an American I am saddened and deeply angered by the heart-wrenching actions taken against Nicholas Berg. Specifically, the public display of brutality and the intent to justify this action as a recourse for our troops behavior while invoking God's name is abhorrent and a sacrilege that I do not see reflected in the printings, or actions of the Middle-Eastern nations. Is there an expectation that we, as Americans, should not see how religion is being used as a shield, and justification, for any action taken against us?

There is an unwritten message that I believe has no context and cannot be measured? If Arab, and Islamic, nations really believe that this is against God, they would take immediate action to rid this world of the face they are allowing to be painted on their religion by these common criminals. Is this how you wish to have the world understand the backbone of your religious society?

Has your God justified barbarity over everything?

Could it be possible to see things from the other way? I am in no way saying that this is the truth but would it be so farfetched to think that the Bush administration was responsible for both 9.11 and this recent death. Think about it. Weeks into the Enron scandal, the economy is already starting its downturn, so is bush's presidential rating. What better thing to cause support of the president than an attack on our own soil. Now with the recent events of how we treated prisioners in Iraq. Public opinion again sways from the Bush administrations side. How can they get it back? Show that the enemy does far worse things to their prisioners, and look, we have all but forgotten about the pyramid of naked prisioners and the evils we did to these poor people. I just ask that you examine all possible reasons of this and do not be blinded by what the media tells you or our government tells you. Attempt to find your own truth. In any case both 9-11 and this gruesome murder were both horrible crimes against humanity and I feel pain and give sympathy to all the families involved and hope that whoever is responsible is brought to both civil and moral justice, whether they reside in the middle east or here in America.

'Am I the only one who thinks that these animals would have beheaded Mr. Berg with or without a reason?'

Yes you are. They aren't animals, they're people. Deeply flawed people, perhaps, but people nonetheless. Guess what they think we are? Animals. They dehumanise us and you feel the best way to respond is to do the same? I don't. Partly it is this lack of fellow feeling, this setting of whole classes of humanity as beyond the pale that has brought us to this pretty pass.

'They have done an excellent job of making Nick Berg a martyr for Nick Berg's cause. His cause was to give up all worldly posssesions to help some more unfortunate people, despite their hostility.'

Oh grow a brain. Nick Berg's cause was to make Nick Berg rich. Nothing wrong with that of course, but save us the hagiography (look it up). He was foolish in the extreme being there at all. All very sad, but bloody stupid too.

'Their ill treatment of justice and of an innocent with such helpful intensions reveals the failure of their religion.'

And you reveal the failure of your education, upbringing and your religion too. To think we're on your side... if you want to kill your descendants before they have the chance to be born, go righht ahead, but leave me and my country out of your lethally immature fantasies, please.

Moral equivalence does not apply here even if it is argued that sexual sadism by the US military for interrogation purposes is not as bad as Saddam's torture regime or the decapitation of Alan Berg.

The beheading of Alan Berg may very well have the effect of increasing American support for the war on terrorism, because this act is seen to exemplify the barbaric nature of the enemy. (They--the terrorists-- are wild beasts). And sadism in interrogation to gain information is justified in a counterinsurgency war to ensure US security and Iraqis’ liberty. It is the price that has to be paid for our own protection.

However, the Right is going to have difficulty playing the moral equivalency game by arguing that the decapitation of Alan Berg proves that what happened in the Abu Ghraib wasn’t all that bad.

The reason why it will be difficult to argue is because the right say that the American way of life is better than those of the Arabs.

The right's reasoning is that American culture and nation is vastly superior to many other nations in the world because Americans have brought freedom and liberty to countless millions. It is the Americans who have preserved human dignity of man in a totalitarian world and championed the cause of freedom everywhere against the Islamo-Fascist terrorists.

Why then are some of the US military torturing Iraqi's in Abu Ghraib prison? The beheading of Alan Berg cannot justify this because the American right says that the US is better than the Arabas. They are morally superior.

In other words, moral equivalence is a dumb argument for the Right to make.

Why do so many people have problems with Nick Berg’s name? Laura Tingle in the Financial Review referred to him as “Michael Berg” (his father’s name); Tom Brown in the Seattle Times called him Nick Perry; and now you repeatedly call him Alan Berg.

thanks. My mistake. I'll change Alan to Nick.

Alan Berg? Freudian slip. I had this guy in mind for some reason.

Nick Berg need have not died in vain. We all should learn from his death. While some public opinion charicterizes "Islamic believers" as grotesqe animals, they fail to realize that ALL religons have at one time taken human life in order to promote their beliefs.
I was raised a Christian, but departed from it, not beliving that it was "the" all knowing answer from God. If we examine ALL religons, we will see that they are for the most part, based in the same roots, ALLAH, GOD, YAHWEI, THE CREATOR....
It appears that MAN has interceded for the divine, creating there own rules, and sometimes performing hideous acts in the name of the almighty. When will eveyone realize that, the great one offers love and understanding, no matter what color the skin or how they worship.
The human race needs education and needs to return to the basics.
After seeing the video(which sickened me), I began to reflect on how the various humans invloved, Nick's family, he who took the life from him, those who held him, those of us who witnessed it and I got over the ill feelings and realized that we have been given some great gifts by the Creator, one of which is the ability to discern right from wrong.
We need to exercise that ability and stop this before it gets any further out of hand.

Isn't this why the neutron bomb needs to be used on these fucking pieces of shit. Nuke them and take the oil. I would also like to see 50 Iraqi's killed for every American, Hitler had that going on in WWII and it worked against the frogs.

This people are animals. they had a chance to do it to nick and they did, if we dont kill these people, they'll have thier chance opn us too

i think we need a damn president that will fucking blow the son of a bitches off the map. i mean they come over on 9 11 .now this what the fuck is next?kill all the fucking bastards & get to over with.

This is just another thing that shows we should have killed those bastards in the beginning fuck them, let them rebuild their own country and get the americans out of there or there will be more killings. I can not image what this man was thinking and my prayers are with his family. I hope this teaches Bush or our next president to go ahead and blow these fuckers off the earth. Someone this cruel doesn't deserve to live.

Where did all you vicious children come from? Did you follow Blair from his place? I'd rather see you lot in the ground than one more innocent Iraqi. You'er no better than Osama's henchmen.

The terrible images have a eerie similarity to religious artistic representation of the beheading of John the Baptist

Isn't America meant to be better (more civilized than) the various Arab societies in the Middle East?

If you listen to the imperial president America is introducing freedom and democracy into a world of darkness that is dire need of enlightenment.

Many of the above (right wing) remarks indicate that America rules by blowing Arabs off the face of the earth.

The American Enlightenment has turned into its opposite.

What does that say?

good point. It is not just about barbarism.This is very complex imagery.

The sacred plays a very important part in this event: --I had a go at connecting the iamges withe sacred over at junk for code and philosophical conversations

I have just posted the Caravaggio images of the heading of John the Bptist over at junk for code.

"let them rebuild their own country and get the americans out of there or there will be more killings."

They wouldn't have to rebuild if the Coalition hadn't caused the damage in the first place. And no Americans, and tens of thousands of Iraqis, would have died if the US had stayed at home.

Has anyone commented in a blog or elsewhere that the time on the video changes from 02:44 to 13:47 when picture goes from wide shot to close up?

Perhaps this is why the soundtrack is so out of sync.

This is to the "brilliant" Jim. If we nuke iraq it will turn the desert floor into a giant glass bowl, preventing us from getting the oil. If your going to talk about bombs know what they are capable of, dumbass. Don't listen to Jim, He sucks, you suck.

'If we nuke iraq it will turn the desert floor into a giant glass bowl, preventing us from getting the oil.'

That's your reason for not nuking the place is it? Nothing to do with your desire not to kill millions of people, eh? Brown Muslim people don't enter your calculations, is that it?

'He sucks, you suck.'

Well that's a relief. Wouldn't want to be in your good books.

Those millions of Muslims know you guys feel this way; they've seen it on TV. They will take just as little notice of your life and those around you as you do of theirs, when they plan their next attack on your town. You'll deserve whatever's coming to you, but I wonder about the little old lady next door and the kids across the street.. do they deserve to die for your ignorant, macho intransigence?

"Where did all you vicious children come from? Did you follow Blair from his place?"

Blair will not be updating his blog for a month so the rednecks have to post somewhere. I just wish it wasn't here.

Ron writes that thousands Iraqis wouldn't have died if there had been no war. He conveniently forgets the bloody track record of the Saddamite tyranny, which had over 500,000 victims to its discredit.

Sorry, Ron, but many more Iraqis would have died at the hands of the dictator's minions if he hadn't been removed at the business end of an American bayonet.

Typical lefty myopia.

So what makes death by the US's actions any better than death by Saddam's minions?

Two sets of actions (one of which is unleashed in the belief of self-righteousness) don't cancel each other out.

Airing the Burg video shouldn't be held back by any of the media, it ought to be ran on prime time news as often as was the collapse of the World Trade towers.

America should be getting a full and complete look at the true nature of the barbarians we are facing. And we should also stop apologizing for doing whatever needs to be done to combat terrorism.

Rumsfield may be guilty for allowing the Iraqi prisoner abuse to continue to go unchecked, and trying to sweep it under the rug. But now that it's out, we're going after whoever was involved. If it so happens that Rummy also failed to do what a reasonably conscientious person would have done to stop the abuse, he ought to be more than canned, he should be jailed as well.

Compare the difference between ourselves and the terrorist who commit atrocities, yet insist they are always entirely justified.

First off, Saddam\Iraq was never a threat to America. Second, there are far worse countries that need their dictator tossed out that Iraq. Please, war crimes are decided by the winners. We convited and hung Nazis, and rightly so, but no one ever questioned the US for dropping two atomic bombs on Japanese civilians. Or the allied fire bombing of Dresden that killed 150,000+ German civilians in one night. The winners write history. I implore everyone to read the losers history. You don't have to buy it, but it will give you a better idea of what's going on. And Islam is no more a religion of violence than Christianity or Judaism. Heck, there's like 5 muslims for every Christian and Jew. If their religion really advocated violence the world would be alot worse. But the problem isn't religion; it's fundamentalist and fanatics. The people that take religion too far. According to the Jewish Talmud the lives of non-jews are worth less than Jews and as such you can do whatver you like to them. The KKK often cites passages from the Bible to further their sick views. It's people that take it too far.

A wise man once said "with or without religion good people will do good things and evil people will do evil things. But religion makes good people do evil things."

We're all on the internet, that's a start. This is the single greatest source of information available too you right now. USE IT! Don't believe the crap on the tv and especially not Fox News. Our government is doing the same thing the Nazis did; they are demonizing Muslims & Arabs and involving the US in "pre-emptive" wars. The exact same thing the Nazi party did. And when we tried them as war criminals after the war the world court explicity outlawed pre-emptive wars of agression. So much for the rule of law.

Remember, your country and your government are not the same. Thomas Paine, one of the authors of the Constitution said "it is the responsibility of the patriot to protect his country from it's government". Yes, when government gets too large and powerful it's almost out of control.

I'm done!


"Heck, there's like 5 muslims for every Christian and Jew."

I am not sure where you got yours figure from but the approx estimates in 2002 were:

Christians 2 billion
Islam 1.3 billion
Hinduism 900 million
Secular (atheist/agnostic) 850 million
and 12th on the list
Judaism 14 million


wel...i simply have to laugh. the ignorance of some of the above comments made my day. first off..the neutron bomb? mmkay. but, best yet was the conclusion that we should have killed them when 9/11 happened. am i the only one that remembers that 9/11 was caused by osama bin laden and afghanis? if bush got out of iraq, then there would be no prisoner abuse problems, nor would there be any murders of americans. get out of there, or stfu about how evil the ppl are. remember-WE are in THEIR country,

does anyone have a comment or opinion on the CIA or FBI being involved in this brutal murder of Nick Berg?

I've done some looking on this and the videotape itself... what do you all think?

Glen and Gary:

I don't see any good Muslims aresting and putting Nick Berg's murderers or any other Terrorist victims' perpetrators to trial. I do see American officials putting Abu Gharib perpetrators to trial. Go figure. It's really not that hard to come to a conclusion.

Rambling won't get you anywhere.

the point you make is a good one.
Your conclusion?

The conclusion that (n beheading) one justifies the other (torture; or that one lessens the other is not warranted.

The Americans should be judged by their values. So should the Muslems.

I have added some responses by Iraqqi's living inI raq who say that the beheading is contra to the Islamic values.

How refreshing, Gary. You say that the Arab world should be judged by its values. Does that mean that you find the Islamic Middle East (including Farsi-speaking Iran) to be a cesspool of failure by any standard of modernity. From equality for women, through education, political freedom life expectancies and any other parameter, the Islamic Middle East is a festering swamp of religous fanaticism, illiteracy, political repression, and economic failure. And, all this, despite some Arab nations' fortune in being situated atop the largest fossil fuel reserves in the world.

And, no, I'm not a racist, because I don't believe that any of this is genetically pre-ordained. It would, however, be fair to call me a "culturalist" because I take a dim view of Arab society and its self-inflicted wounds.

My Conclusion:

My conclusion is this: Islamic society is condoning these types of actions by not taking afirmative steps to root out these kinds of terrorists. In the long run, they make martys for other religions, shame themselves by allowing what the say they hate, diminish their standing in worldwide opinion, put Islam in disgrace, and ruin any chances of spreading the furtherance of Islam.

History has had these kinds of societal patterns many times in the past. The Christian Inquisitions is one of them. If people don't arise within the society and put an end to it, the society begins to rot fast and is overtaken from outside forces. If such a society is isolated from outside forces, most everyone leaves and all the terrorist types are left to terrorize each other, eventually leaving absolutely nothing.

The whole thing here is we are trying to be to civilised about war, war I thought was to conqure not reason! Reason is what is Killing our people. You carry a gun,you are a threat,you are eliminated to make the threat less,is this right or am I missing something here? Just let our boys do what they are trained to do

'It's really not that hard to come to a conclusion.'

Particularly when you've already arrived at it.

'Rambling won't get you anywhere.'

You of all people ought to know that.

'despite some Arab nations' fortune in being situated atop the largest fossil fuel reserves in the world'

Oh lucky day. I'll bet the Iraqis are overjoyed they sit atop reserves that explain American eagerness to invade, as opposed to oil-free NKorea, which can't seem to get anyone's attention.

And yes you are a racist; call it 'culturalism' if it makes you feel better about yourself. But you class whole races as less worthy because they happen to live in your swamp or your cesspool. These people aren't afforded the sort of humanity that makes you wring your hands when Israelis die, are they?

'I don't believe that any of this is genetically pre-ordained'

That's handy, seeing Jews are virtually indistinguishable from Arabs genetically.

Bunch, I am unable to conclude anything from your conclusion... perhaps this was deliberate?

'Reason is what is Killing our people'

Jesus Brad, you could be President one day. They say anyone can over there; ain't that the truth. You are still perhaps a bit too lucid, but I'm sure you can lose that in time. Do you have any oil cronies?

'The whole thing here is we are trying to be to civilised about war'

It's beautiful. Really, it's unimprovable. It should be shouted in an aggrieved, petulant tone thru loudspeakers throughout Iraq. Maybe Lynndie England could bwe persuaded to it. Hell, order her to do it - no worries.

Turn the lights off if you're last to leave, won't you.

We have to remember that Muslims, Jews & Christians all pray to the same GOD. The only difference is that Muslims and Jews don't believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God. And that my friends is a huge difference. The difference between Heaven and Hell. SO the people (Muslims) that did this to Nick Berg will in the end get theirs by burning in Hell!!! So be it! Let's also remember that most of the terrorist on 9/11 are from Saudi Arabia. Why the hell aren't we shaking that country up.

glenn is gooood!

You know, i'm afraid. I'm not from US but from a pacific country. Indagations: and if one of the people here will be the next (all powerfull) US president? Is this what you really think?

My country isn't sitting on top of an oil reserve but instead a huge water reserve (i mean, the bigger) and a beautiful equatorian florest not to mention the pantanal and cerrado(yeah, where i live). Do you will nuke us? (stupid question...but it came in mind)

There is no way that berg's video be a fraud? This doesn't matter? The english speaking, the ear and cap, the jacket, no blood in the video?

P.S.: sorry about the poor english.

sorry, is not an ear and cap, is a finger with a dark object cause you can cleary see the wall behind contrasting, between the finger, and the angle too.

Of course they would have beheaded him if the prison abuse did not happen. They would have justified it with another reason. One thing you have to remember is that this was al-Qaeda that beheaded Mr. Berg. Al-Qaeda believes that if you are not "Muslim" (Muslim meaning their type of Muslim) then you must die. So no matter what we do or does not matter. We must die in Al-Qaeda's eyes.

I say this with caution, not every Muslim is like this. In fact the majority of Muslims are not. Most of the Muslims that believe this are ignorant to Muslim beliefs. I say this as a Muslim and I am disgraced at their actions they take.

There was a young man from Yemmen
Thought only of Armageddon
He said to Omar, who was driving the car
Gotta get me them virgins in heaven.

I personaly think this is the window of opportunity to nuke these son of a bitches !!! Why would a giant
, like our self's (u.s.a.) be afraid of these pussy assed punks ? Could it be we are a group with in ???
Enough is a enough !!!!!

I would kill all those men on there I would make them die a miserable painful death. They are nothing but fucking sand monkeys and monkeys belong at the zoo. I would gladely pull the trigger on any Iraqi soldier, gladely I wouldn't even have to think about it. So fuck the stupid sand niggers and fuck there god offle slum of a country.

The right wing brain in all it's awful glory.

The bully's brain, the scared little white guy's brain, the ignorant low rent white trash brain...

Thanks for the insight.

I feel that we should blow all of the sand niggers off the face of the planet. I cannot believe the Bush Administration is ok with this shit. I got sick when I seen this. I can't imagine the pain and suffering this human being went through. It gave me a whole new outlook on life, and our government officals. I always knew our government was screwed up, but damn this is beheading. God help all of us!

Yes I do feel sorry for Nick Berg and his family. But this country was build off the blood of others. Since the beginning "Your" forefathers robbed, killed, stole and destroyed.From every race, except the white race. Are the muslims wrong for thinking that United States is the Devil? ARE they wrong for fighting for their beliefs? After all thats all were doing? What makes are way of thinking so right? If the africans had protected themselves in the same way. We wouldnt have this problem now. Keep an open mind. LIVE BY THE SWORD.DIE BY THE SWORD!!!!!!

I say kill them all. no mercy. kill them the same way they killed him. no mercy.

I think dis is some bullshit.What da hell were they thinking.If dis gets through to Bush he should take hold of ths situation.He should drop an atomic bomb on dem dum ass niggas.BLOW DA SHIT OUT THEIR WHOLE TOWN.


I cant even believe what i just saw in the video,I was horrified.To think That we let those kinda fucks in our country.Chicken shit bastards,Remember this you fucking towel heads your on our land next time you get an attitude with an american at one of your party stores dont be surprised if you and your pathetic arab family burn in that bitch.Death to all that werent born on these lands,and another thing if there so tough how come they cover there faces can someone say IM A PUSSY.I hope you fucking towel heads have enough balls to try another terrorist attack on these lands cause this time your all gonna pay including you fucks that live in dearborn MICHIGAN,Im within 15mins of you unholy fucks and have a bunch of true blooded americans behind me so if they wont let me be a marine cause i stole a car when i was 16 ill be a street soldier and smoke all you fucking bastards.Semper fi that arabs.

I have nothing against any race or culture, but personally I dont think any amount of them is worth one American life, whether civilian or military. Politicians, etc dont count for either one... Ive spent some time in Saudi and Qatar and I have to say most of them are pretty decent people. They pray to Allah, I dont care. They dont have that much common sense when it comes to self preservation (seats belts, etc) but whatever. What does disturb me as that some of them go willingly around killing innocent people with weapons or bombs strapped to them. There is no reason what so ever for this behavior. And the US is not the first/only country to retaliate. Yes, it was completely assinine for a few folks to abuse prisoners, but at this point in time I could really care less about them... why? Perhaps because where were the Iraqi people when we first went in? Shooting at us, taking prisoners, raping or killing captured soldiers. They didnt execute humane morals did they from the start? Then they figure out we arent just going to go away so they become friendly only to turn around and kill a few of us a day. They create police that turn around at the first signs of trouble. The soldiers in general there are trying to help, but the Iraqis overall turned up the heat on themselves.

Personally I think Saddam needed to be canned, we should never have stopped during Desert Storm. He was a evil dictator and it seems we are the only country that had enough balls to put him to a stop. But... since we did pull out years ago we should have let his own people turn on him. Cut off his supplies, etc until the people get tired of his bs. Our government is full of idiotic morons that only want to view things in one perspective. Had they placed more planning on the overthrow of Saddam then perhaps we wouldnt have nearly 800 Americans dead. Instead we have yet another Vietnam and Somalia, just a bunch of pissed off dirtbags, ungrateful for the people that did try to make a difference for the best. And to think that us Americans are not only paying for it with our lives but also OUR money to rebuild a country that isnt worth a cow patty.

The next few months will be quite a challenge. We cant just withdraw or we will have more scumbags taking power, such as the Al Qaeda.

You morons need to get a clue, the Brits are the ones that were the first to go around the world to dictate their religion, etc onto other cultures. They even tried to rule the US, but I guess that isnt in your history classes is it? The US compared to a lot of other countries is a teen when it comes to age. Look at Japan for instance, they killed each other for hundreds of years for power and land. Spainards, Romans, etc also went to other countries to spread their believes, so where the hell do you get off on saying Americans are devils? Sure our forefathers killed indians, that surely did kill some non-combatant settlers as well. We created a country that ALL Americans, no matter what race or religion can do as they please. What other country will let in immigrants from Cuba or where ever? Very few ever did willingly. Take a look at the Israelis and Pallies. I dont think they will ever come to peace.

"They all need jesus"... whatever, religion is the biggest starter of war, what kind of "God" would ever desire millions of people to die for the name of some unforeseen "almighty being"? If people started celebrating life and peace rather than worrying about "well our religion is the best" we would have a lot less aggressiveness throughout the world.

So, if it boils down to another 9-11 or the destruction of a piss hole desert country, I say.. use tactical nukes, then b52's, etc.. then roll in the tankers to get what it seems our politicians are over there for.. oil.

I haven't seen the actual video yet(still looking), but these stills here are pretty cool though. They should be mass-marcketed, ya'know. It would be very profitable.

if you are looking for the video, go to:

they have several different links to the video, i don't know exactly which ones are working but you have several to try, some are the short version and some are the long version.....






Where do they come from Gary? Is it the pics? Are they bored Blairites? Or are you adopting net disguises to provoke argumant and bump up comments? (Just kidding)

Astonishing how they're all shouting but not hearing each other, or us. Just the propaganda and the primitive fears. It's like a cross between kindergarten and Bedlam.

Such dangerous ignorance has imposed itself on US policy after years of an unspoken, bipartisan consensus which tried to lead and educate it. But Bushco has embraced and encouraged it, a devil's pact that will have, is having, enormous consequences. Lowest common denominator is mainstream and so now people like these are emboldened to display, even be proud of their ethical turpitude, dressed as it is in a suffocating fog of righteousness.

And we're their closest ally.

Some of the comments from the right-wing--'lets bomb them all for beheading our Nick'---are at odds with the image of America as the land of freedom and democracy and the dignity and worth of all human beings.

Reading the above rants gives me a sense that the right wing Christian lot are girding their loins to do another crusade to sort out the heathen (all Iraqi's) right and proper. The use of "them' means that no distinction is made between ordinary Iraqi's and a bunch of Islamic terrorists such as Al Quaeda who carried out he beheading of Nick Berg.

If you bomb "them" all, then what is the point of being in Iraq to help Iraqi's develop democracy and freedom?

I'm all for bombing the ones who carried out that grisly decapitation. A discriminate, highly focused bombing that will vapourize those jihadist miscreants without mussing the hair of a single non-combatant.

"I cant even believe what i just saw in the video,I was horrified.To think That we let those kinda fucks in our country.Chicken shit bastards,Remember this you fucking towel heads your on our land next time you get an attitude with an american at one of your party stores dont be surprised if you and your pathetic arab family burn in that bitch.Death to all that werent born on these lands,and another thing if there so tough how come they cover there faces can someone say IM A PUSSY.I hope you fucking towel heads have enough balls to try another terrorist attack on these lands cause this time your all gonna pay including you fucks that live in dearborn MICHIGAN,Im within 15mins of you unholy fucks and have a bunch of true blooded americans behind me so if they wont let me be a marine cause i stole a car when i was 16 ill be a street soldier and smoke all you fucking bastards.Semper fi that arabs"

I totally agree, im just another American on your side.

Funny how Glenn sinks low enough to start calling people names.' white trash ' Sorta hypocritical from some of his earlier statements about not calling them animals. He thinks he's being heard but really the laughs are too loud to hear him. I Definately wouldn't want you in a foxhole next to me. That is for sure. If all of britian were like you are, I'd be reading your bitching AUF DEUTSCH!!!

Are you all not paying attention to the details of the video. If they really beheaded a live person blood would be gushing everywhere. Do you always believe what someone wants you to see or shall you open your eyes to the real horrors going on here. Some very insightful information can be found at or All I have to say is wake up America!

The Nick Berg beheading is FAKE!!! IT IS FAKE!!! It is a crock of shit that was put out by the U.S. government to get american citizens riled up. Nick Berg was probably a CIA agent who was paid off by "W" to go there and get "beheaded" after he was killed by the american soldiers who took custody of him. The "terrorists" in the backround were probably the attendants at the Abu Grahib Prison who were ordered by George Bush to violate the Iraqi prisoners. This "beheading" is TOTALLY FAKE and I don't believe it for a second!! America is being fooled by this video.

White man came across the sea
Brought us pain and misery
Killed our tribes killed our creed
Took our game for his own need

We fought him hard we fought him well
Out on the plains we gave him hell
But many came too much for Cree
Oh will we ever be set free?

Riding through dustclouds and barren wastes
Galloping hard on the plains
Chasing the redskins back to their holes
Fighting them at their own game
Murder for freedom a stab in the back
Women and children and cowards attack

Run to the hills run for your lives

Soldier blue on the barren wastes
Hunting and killing their game
Raping the women and wasting the men
The only good Indians are tame
Selling them whisky and taking their gold
Enslaving the young and destroying the old

if you think that berg suffred take a look at these ... maybe it'll change some of you ignots opinions .

this is to jake in response to the entire Nick Berg video being "fake." Okay first of all you can not be too intelligent to think the animals over in Iraq could not be capable of doing something like this, cause they definitely are, and second, i know i dont like Bush at all but i certainly dont think he would be willingly to order soldiers to behead one of their own. Now thats just insane, Bush would have the decency never to do something like that!

this is a response to damos-- u r one sick mother fucker,
"but these stills here are pretty cool though. They should be mass-marcketed, ya'know. It would be very profitable."

honestly r u serious?? u shoudl be sent to iraq to be along side ur fellow animals!!! who else is with me?

This is to Glenn Condell, I could care less weather or not Iraqu is blown off the map or not, and further more, I feel no remourse for what is going to happen to the alla worshiping pieces of human debris in hell, I simply DON'T CARE

The World Is Going To Hell In A Handbasket.

I am sorry and feel bad for all.

Drop a bomb on theses fucking bastards!
Isreal is doing the same thing. Drop a bomb there too!

If these "brave muslims" think they are so great why do they cover the face?? Fraidly cats, Huh???
Maybe someone wants to there F------ head off!

Would like for the terroist to read this but do not know how to get it to them.

If it is your belief that you are doing this for your god and beliefs why do you have to hide behind a mask. Will your god not proctect you for doing his work. If I thought this was my god's will I would not be hiding my face, I would be proud to let people know I had faith in my god. This is not the will of my God nor your's, show your face to the people you cannot hide it from your God or mine he already knows who you are and will have to answer for your actions and I don't think he is going to take kindly your blaming this on him.