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June 8, 2013

It's becoming a circus.

It being Rudd's push to become leader of the ALP yet again. And the Canberra Press Gallery go along with the endless undermining of Gillard by Rudd supporters; an undermining that takes the form of public comments and actions directed against Gillard. Rudd's track record is increasingly looking to be that of a white-anter or saboteur.

MoirARuddagain.jpg Alan Moir

The ALP ought to realize that the tactic of revolving door of leadership is not a solution to the the party's problems. These are structural not personality based.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 4:08 PM | | Comments (9)


Boring isn't it?
And repetitive.
But behind the scenes lays a sinister scheme practised by the editors and journos - the old diplomatic game of 'divide and conquer' and 'sow discord in the ranks of your enemy'.
And a handful of wannabee's, prodded along by Rudd, are falling for it and hence undermining the government of which they are members [which is the intention of the media].
Silly so and so's, they should realize that if Rudd did get back in the media would turn on them in a second and castigate them as they have Gillard for the past 3 years, probably minus the blatant misogyny tho'.
These guys haven't learned from decades of experience - don't trust the Oz media.
It's a player in the game of politics, not an impartial observer.

Rudd's destablization = disunity and disunity is one of the key drivers of the Gillard Government's unpopularity.

Labor looks to lose big time and that causes leadership tensions and disunity

" Rudd's track record is increasingly looking to be that of a white-anter or saboteur."

Rudd sabotaged Gillard's election campaign in 2010.

"Boring isn't it?
And repetitive."

It's a fairly tiresome meme from the MSM

"It's becoming a circus."

Rudd’s colleagues dumped him under three years ago because he simply was not up to the job of PM and the cabinet was in chaos. He cannot run a cabinet.

The Rudd camp is bringing huge pressure on Bill Shorten to "save" the party and pull the plug on Gillard.

The conservative Canberra Media Gallery is going overboard. Peter Van Onselen in his Emotional blackmail follows political terror column says that Gillard's challenge to Rudd is an example of " true political terror", whilst her defence of leadership (she will not step aside irrespective of how overwhelming the mood for change inside caucus becomes) is emotional blackmail.

Rudd, it seems, is a freedom fighter!

Switching to Rudd isn't going to address Labor's problems of no longer being a mass membership party. That Labor Party is dead. It has little interest increasing grassroots participation or making party membership more meaningful.