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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Things are different now « Previous | |Next »
September 19, 2013

The liberal mantra is that the Coalition will provide a calm, measured, steady and purposeful government. Its election campaign was to restore strong, stable and accountable government. That was premised on budget surpluses, small government and low government debt. The rhetoric of balancing budgets appealed to household economics of living within your means.

That was then. Things are different now.

MoirADebtLiberal.jpg Alan Moir

Government debt is good now. We don't hear that much about debt and deficits or budget black holes. The fear mongering has been dropped. It's the Liberals standard way of destroying the economic record of a Labor government.

Under the ALP the argument for debt was that continuing Australia's two-decade long run of growth after the mining boom would require building a more diversified economy, based on high-skilled jobs and high-value manufacturing exports. Success will take substantial investment in factories, offices and mines, roads, bridges, ports, railways, broadband and, above all, in education and training.

The Coalition realize they have to get the economy moving by trying to rush resource development projects faster than the private sector wishes and building roads for the high use of private cars--eg., Melbourne's East West Link road project and the WestConnex tunnel in Sydney.

Infrastructure for the Coalition means roads--ie., more freeways-- not public transport. It assumes the universal primacy of the private car even though public transport journeys are becoming the first choice for more people in our car-based capitol cities.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 6:00 PM | | Comments (7)


Having no debt and a good income stream is better.

The budget emergency that disappeared overnight

My my, the Coalition is going to let the budget deficit blow out

What! cynical laborigines already!

you could argue Adolfo that ideology's dominant mode of functioning is cynical. The cynical subject is quite aware of the distance between the ideological mask and the social reality, but he/she none the less still insists upon the mask.

Cynical reason is no longer naïve ,its one that knows the falsehood very well: it is one that is well aware of a particular interest hidden behind an ideological universality, but still it does not renounce it.

That kind of cynical reason is one that divorced itself from laughter and the satiric tradition; a tradition that represents the popular, plebeian rejection of the official culture by means of irony and sarcasm.

The classical procedure of the satiric tradition is to confront the pathetic phrases of the ruling official ideology — its solemn, grave tonality — with everyday banality and to hold them up to ridicule, thus exposing behind the sublime noblesse of the ideological phrases the egotistical interests, the violence, the brutal claims to power.

So Jeffrey it is a bit like having a vegemite and jam sandwich?