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scrutinizing the Catholic Church « Previous | |Next »
May 28, 2013

Both the royal commission into child abuse in institutions and the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into child abuse are highlighting the Catholic Church's unacceptable response to pedophilia by its priests in Australia. This is to deny there is a culture of abuse; that it adopts the half-baked solution of moving the clergy from parish to parish; destroying records; attacks a hostile media; avoids any systemic investigation into the abuse; places itself above the law; obstructed investigations and protected child molesters.

PopeDPell.jpg David Pope

It's a broken church and it requires the power of the state to force it to confront its own denial about clerical sexual abuse, the lack of pastoral care of its people and the entrenched culture of concealment within the church. There has been a failure of the Church at very senior levels, right up to the present day, to deal adequately with allegations of serious and predatory crimes, including the apparent failure to alert police.

The Church's leadership has its back to the wall, unable to say much except sorry and apologize. The power of the state is being used to tell Catholics that their Church has to smarten itself up and bring its practices into line with best practice accepted by everyone else in a liberal society; or suffer prosecution for its culpable negligence.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:59 AM | | Comments (6)


Remember the fuss and bother when the COALition made accusations of child abuse against aboriginal people?
Unsubstantiated largely.
Just before the '07 election.
Which resulted in the halting of government wage payments and the like, conditions placed on government subsidies, the takeover of aboriginal properties assets and programmes, takeover of land, laws passed about alcohol consumption, proposed compulsory health checks for minors?
And a whole slew of other measures cos after all, 'we are just thinking of the children".

Our society condones double standards.

Most people I've spoken to are baffled at the response of Pell etc to the victims, this sort of, "stop being a sook, man or girl up, and be grateful it was a priest who rogered you, not a pervert".
I agree that what's on trial this time round is not the abuses reported at different times in the past, but the compounding of the previous offences involving a disturbing insensitivity, the duplicitous employ of the system to deny justice rather than instigate it; basically an incredible and worldly and cynical recalcitrance.
All this while they are building $30 million virtual palaces to show what classy dudes they are.
The collective gob has dropped to the floor at the various antics.

Meanwhile the slime continues to surface daily on a world-wide basis.

And the "catholic" church is still playing power games to put itself beyond the reach of any kind of democratic accountability - especially in regards to its "princes" (ponces) many of whom should be charged with criminal conspiracy to prevent the course of justice, including the previous pope and the one before him too.

Meanwhile the same pathological liars stage "world" family congresses promoting old time father-knows-best patriarchal religion and families.

But it's the sneaky Muslims in our midst that we REALLY have to watch out for... apparently...

Pell needs someone else to do his public appearances. He looks like he is soft on the issue.

Referring To George Orwell and the use of language there is an excellent essay in the Age today by Chris Goddard titled How the Church (Pell) Is Playing With Words.