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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

the limits of doublespeak « Previous | |Next »
October 15, 2013

The doublespeak doesn't really matter does it?

One reason is that the incoming Senate crossbench is unlikely to present a serious obstacle to the implementation of much the Abbott Government’s policy agenda. Since a government which controls both Houses can pretty well do as it pleases as the opposition has no leverage over it, so Labor has very little leverage over the Abbott government.

Since Labor has very little room to move in, they could devote their energies to developing some decent policies, instead of ensuring that their personal bile and political factional subterfuge helps sell the mainstream newspapers.

MoirALiberalpromises.jpg Alan Moir

Hugh White points out in The Age that Abbott's doublespeak---his saying opposite things to different audiences----won't work too well in the international sphere. This is because what Abbott says at home will be heard abroad and what Abbott says abroad will be heard at home. This is especially so with respect to Indonesia and China. They will keep an sharp eye on what Abbott says to different audiences about the issues that are important to them.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:38 AM | | Comments (20)


"Labor has very little leverage over the Abbott government"

Clive Palmer looks set to cause havoc on the conservative side of parliament.

"Since Labor has very little room to move in, they could devote their energies to developing some decent policies"

Will Shorten Labor be bothered to defend the NBN, hold Turnbull to account and develop policies that fill in a fuller picture of the relationship of the NBN to the digital economy?


"Clive Palmer looks set to cause havoc on the conservative side of parliament."

Palmer just want to roll back environmental legislation so that he sell lots more more coal to China and India.

The right wing commentariat say that a factionally riven Labor will just have to roll over on environmental issues and dump its alliance with The Greens. Labor also needs to return to the mainstream centre of Australian politics.

The standard News Corp script.

"Since Labor has very little room to move in, they could devote their energies to developing some decent policies,"

If it wants a viable political future Labor's future can’t be one of being merely a right-wing, socially conservative union-based party defending traditional values and protectionism whilst bashing the Greens.

To hold on to the precious bogan vote, the Coalition needs to be hairy-chested and arrogant towards foreigners. But the big end of town in going to want to engage with the Asian markets. Indications are that they can't wait to sell the farm.

Should be quite interesting.

That said, I seriously doubt that the mainstream media will pursue this angle.

Typical one sided public opinion guff.
Comments turned off when people start to disagree.


the comments have been turned off on the older posts because the site has come under a very heavy and sustained spam attack. It has been going on for 5 days now.

Speaking of right wing double-speak there was a feature essay in todays Oz celebrating the new Tea Party "conservatives" such as Ted Cruz and other relatively new young turks associated with the Heritage (lies, lies and more lies) Foundation for their no-compromise brand of applied politics.

Never mind that these benighted adolescent fools come out of the same type of poltical/cultural back ground as the yahoos and hooligans described in Swift's Gullivers Travels.

The one from the WSJ that says the Republicans showing backbone are standing up for principle, and are winning the fight and will carry the day?

Shutting down the government is just collateral damage to these guys! The debt-default issue is just a distraction from the battle over the future of ObamaCare funding?

The Tea Party lives in in its own bubble world but their game plan is destruction--- to prevent the distribution of wealth to poorer people, through the Affordable Care Act; and then to wind back the state as an effective instrument of taxation, regulation and social protection.

Yeah sure. You can attach a code solves that.
I suspect many pro coalition comments dont pass the moderator either.
I recommend you change the blog name to My Opinion.

To your knowledge has the moderator not published any of your comments on the posts on public opinion?

"I suspect many pro coalition comments dont pass the moderator either."

This is not a party political blog. It is more a public policy one. Political perspectives are secondary to arguing a case.

Labor's old guard still rules.

The dumped Labor Party is still being run by factions of old union hacks or those who are dependent upon old union hacks for their preselections.

So how will Labor change, reform and adapt to new circumstances.

In terms of policy positions on public issues--- both domestic and international--- what are the differences between the Right and the Left in the Labor Party these days?

Excellent point Marianne!

In terms of policy positions, I see not clear difference. It's pretty much a universal lurch to the right.

Maybe the difference lies in WHO backs the factions, rather than what they supposedly stand for. And therefore, who stands to benefit the most.

Differences ?
None really other than a power base to claim front bench seats.
A perception of power within the party. People like to be where the numbers are especially if power is important. The ex speaker had some power and that was taken away and didn't like it at all. Judging by her speech to the new pollies it was a good decision. Attention seeker!

Yeh... Nobody like an attention seeker wandering around... seeking attention!!!

Now, if the outgoing speaker was wearing a fluro vest and carrying a nail gun... or perhaps wearing spandex shorts... that's just inspiring and selfless and good and stuff.

you make no sense. you must be drunk.

I strongly object!!!

Haven't been drunk for several years!!! As I recall, it was with a bunch of classy people at Sophie Mirabella's wedding. Taxpayer funded, of course...