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Indonesia must fall into line? « Previous | |Next »
October 5, 2013

For Australian conservatives an Australian government should put Australians first.

By this they mean that Australia is not going to kowtow to Indonesia. Boats will be turned back, and if Indonesia doesn't fall into line, all foreign aid should immediately be stopped as well. Australia needs to tell Indonesia that it is not going to accept boats from their country full of illegal immigrants. Indonesia must fall into line.

PettyBIndonesia.jpg Bruce Petty

The above views are an expression of imperialism: that is, Australia's interests dominate those of its nation state's neighbours because it is the superior power; a superiority that incorporates nationalism and the old style racism--eg., the 'yellow hordes' of Asia--- and one that is premised on the hope of securing American backing for Australia's own interests in the Asia-Pacific region and to keep strong nation states at bay. Hence the Howard idea of the Australia's role as the deputy sheriff of the US.

The Australian imperialists are faced with the quandary: for the first time in its history, Australia's biggest trading partner, China. is also a threat to the military arrangements that have secured its growth over the past century. Sooner or later the rise of China and the determination of the US to hang onto its dominant position is going to lead to more military tensions. Australian conservatives are completely committed to the US strategy of containing China and defending US hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region.

The racist undercurrent has shifted away from old style racism --natural racial hierarchy of some form plus beliefs akin to racial supremacy and racial separatism--and xenophobia. The newer racisms operate more through stereotypes regarding cultural traits of groups, or on notions of ‘alienness ’, 'outsider groups' and ‘otherness ’ to the national space of citizenship, nationality, and belonging.

A widely held assumption is that Anglo- Celtic Australians should have an unfettered right to express hostility to non-Whites, and to make statements on who should be allowed into the national space, and who should be recognised (culturally and legally) as a citizen. This gives rise to some cultural or ethnic groups being seen as not fitting into Australian society.--eg., Muslims, as well as Australians of Middle- Eastern origin.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 2:11 PM | | Comments (11)


The cartoon isn't funny. It is racist. It isn't even drawn well.

According to Barnaby Joyce...our new minister for combine harvesters, weddings and the freaking obvious..."Malaysia has recently experienced high levels of economic growth which has created urban cities comparable in wealth to cities in developed countries."

Well, bless their little brown hearts! How quaint!

Brilliant! Who knew?

We are truly the USA of the Pacific....

"The cartoon isn't funny. It is racist..."

That's exactly the point. Abbott's attitude through the election campaign was that the Indonesian's role was to keep Australians comfortable.

safe and comfortable.

All Bruce Petty's work is drawn in that style.

Yes mars08,

Unfair and a cheap shot to depict Bishop as a racist when she isn't.
However you view the landscape from your political position there should always remain an understanding that rationality is important.

"Abbott's attitude through the election campaign was that the Indonesian's role was to keep Australians comfortable."

You could be right Shelley. I don't KNOW that Bishop is racist. Maybe Abbott and friends aren't racist at all. But they certainly ARE something. Oafish perhaps? Maybe condescending? Arrogant? Culturally insensitive?????

there is an undercurrent of racism in Australian conservatism that continues to defend the idealised traditional Australia of yesteryear, It finds its current expression in the view that Arab Australians are different and somehow less Australian than the rest of us.

Racism in Australia is not the residue of Anglo-Australians ---the individual prejudice of a few cultural retards desiring a white Australia. You can see this in the debates around immigration --especially Asian immigration---and Islamaphobia.

What is introduced here is alien-ness and Otherness; the racialized pathologies of Muslims; perceptions of threat and inferiority, as well as fantasies that the Other do not belong.

Racism is usually linked to dominant ideas about what the nation is, where it is, and who is popularly considered to be a citizen (what is an Australian?

Australian conservatism is uneasy with cultural diversity in Australia and generally antagonistic to multiculturalism.