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November 27, 2013

It is not surprise that the Abbott Government has dumped the Gonski educational reforms. The LNP was never in favour of need of the students based funding for schools. Pyne has always been of the view that the SES model wasn't broke and so didn't need fixing.

Pyne's claims that their new model will be “flatter, … simpler, … fairer [model] … and it will be equitable for students so that the school funding reaches those who need it the most” and that the funding envelope will remain the same foreshadows a return to the old Howard SES funding model.

PopeDGonski.jpg David Pope

Pyne considers the SES model wasn't broke even though this is the model privileged the wealthiest and most elite private schools at the expense of the working class and the poor. The view of education premised on i a return to teaching the basics through “chalk ‘n’ talk”; a rejection of student-centred learning; more significantly, little regard for public schools and their teachers. The consequence is to entrench advantage and disadvantage of a deeply inequitable system.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:23 AM | | Comments (6)


According to C. Pyne Australia does not have an equity problem with school education of Australian education. he's talking nonsense.

Politicians like Pyne publicly insist black is white and night is day. He just lies.

The Abbott Government continues to play the games that served it so well when it was in opposition. They continue to tear down anything built by the Rudd /Gillard labor Governments.

Dumping/dismantling Labor's programmes is how the Abbott Government is currently going about "fixing the problems and building the future".

Pyne has made no secret to his preference for chalk-and-talk teaching - practice long considered outmoded and unsuitable for 21st century education.

The method of chalk-and-talk - where a teacher dictates the learning and the students ingest the material - has long disappeared from dominant practice as methods have moved more toward student-centred learning through inquiry.

Why waste money educating the workers children who might grow up to lead the country like
Julia Gillard
Tanya Plibersek
Antony Albanese

Government is all about entrenching privilege for the people who matter.

P.S. You and I don't matter