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that good ole drip feed « Previous | |Next »
November 10, 2013

The Abbott governments tactic of drip feeding the chooks to control the flow of information in a 24/7 news cycle upsets the Canberra Gallery journalists, but it doesn't prevent negative information from becoming public.

RoweDDripfeed.jpg David Rowe

As Oaks points out it is in Scott Morrison's portfolio, particularly where asylum seekers are concerned, that the tell- 'em-as-little-as-possible trend is most evident.

Implementation of Abbott's "stop the boats" policy is being run as a military operation, with the grand title "Operation Sovereign Borders", under the command of Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell. And it is being used quite blatantly as an excuse to limit media coverage.Once a week Morrison and Campbell brief journalists about boat arrivals and related subjects.Those news conferences - and the occasional press statement or ministerial interview - are supposed to be the sole source of official information.

The bad news is that 'Stop the Boats 'is not playing out as it should. The boats keep arriving and Indonesia is proving to be rather uncooperative.

The Abbott Government rhetoric is that everything is calm and governing the country remains reassuringly methodical. Presumably asylum seeker boats arriving in Australia are still a “national emergency” and a security issue. That makes it a contest of wills' with Indonesia and it requires that Australia prevails. Unfortunately, the Abbott government has just blinked in its asylum seeker stand-off with Indonesia, and did not turn back the boats.

I have little sympathy for the Canberra Press Gallery. They sucked up to, and acted as publicists for Abbott in his campaign to destroy the Gillard Government. Now that he's gained power he no longer needs the Canberra Press Gallery for the Howard Restoration, so they can go get lost and take their toys with them.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:27 AM | | Comments (10)


To hell with Oakes and the rest of the hopeless Canberra Gallery buffoons!!!

If these lazy lightweights had been doing their job properly for the last five years they wouldn't be in this situation. And neither would we.

So, do you think these clueless clowns will get of their pampered arses and do some real journalism for a while? Don't bet on it!!

Victoria Rollinson shares your lack of sympathy for the press, Laurie Oakes in particular.

We need a new media, this one is broke[n].

Victoria Rollinson says what needs to be said.

Even if we dismiss the notion that there was malicious intent in the way Canberra Press Gallery reported the events of the past 5 years... there is one aspect that is impossible to deny... These representatives of the mainstream media are just too damned lazy to be effective at their job! Assuming, of course, that their "job" is actually journalism.

So Australians read Indonesian newspapers to learn what their government was doing to stop asylum seeker boats.

Three Australian requests to turn back the boats have been rejected by Indonesia according to the Indonesians.

The Abbott Governments tight control of the information it provides and its penchant for secrecy is coming lose at the seams. The Indonesians are the ones talking and they are doing so at Scott Morrison's expense.

Now Scott Morrison says there is "no rhyme or reason" to why Indonesian authorities do not take asylum seekers back to their shores!

The blokes really are unbelievably clueless. For too long they've gotten away with their chest-thumping and bully-boy tactics. They've won votes from the knuckle-draggers and racists with their arrogance towards all and sundry. Compromise was for the weak... diplomacy was for the meek.

Are these the "grown ups" we've heard so much about????

According to the spin of the Abbott Government the adults are in charge. They forget to add that the adults have personality disorders

The defence force can't be too happy to have to go through the weekly fan dance of the weekly briefings concerning the government's Operation Sovereign Borders policy.

In being bent publicly to Tony Abbott's "policies and directions", they are being joined emphatically to a political agenda and thus a prisoner of its limited terms of engagement.

Abbott is now a saying that in Australia's view it is Indonesia who is at fault over the Indonesian refusal to accept the asylum seekers.

Abbott says:
"''Now, the normal international law is that if you are rescued in a country's search-and-rescue zone that country has an obligation to take you."

So what happened to Tampa under the Howard Government? The govt refused to accept those rescued.