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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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February 2, 2003

I do not normally find much to agree with when I read Michael Duffy, a conservative journalist writing in the tabloid Daily Telegraph in Sydney.

But in this story Exposing fools: what a rank idea I have. Duffy says in passing that:

"State politics is not about ideas, it is about the ability to run things. This means it is much harder to be in the state Opposition than its federal equivalent.

At least Simon Crean can take positions on matters, such as war with Iraq. But how can Brogden show that he could run NSW Inc better than Bob Carr, which is all that matters particularly as he has never run anything in his life?

It is not Brogden's fault who else in the NSW Coalition has ever managed anything of significance? The underlying problem is that people of experience and talent are rarely attracted to state politics.

What person of energy and achievement wants to spent eight years in Opposition, much of it on the back bench?"

The link to the above article is courtesy of THE BITCHIN' MONARO GUIDE TO POLITICS

I concur wholeheartedly that state politics in a federal Australia is basically about the ability to run things. I would add, with an eye on the Rann Government here in SA, that it is about running things with a firm hand on media management to ensure re-election.

What I also want to add is that in a globalised world state politics, can and should be about ideas. Ther is room to move in a globalised world with the constraints on the conduct of nation-states by the global market.

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