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Radioactive Idiots? « Previous | |Next »
February 3, 2003

a heap of junk for code mentioned that SA is to become the dumping ground for low level radioactive junk. The proposed repository, site 52a, would store almost 6 million litres of waste buried in a buffer zone.

Scott over at The Eye of the Beholder has picked up the story on the proposed nuclear waste dump. In his post on the Commonwealth proposal for radioactive junk to be dumped near Woomera he asks:

"But what idiot came up with the idea of putting this dump just 1km away from where they test rockets and missiles?"

There was nothing in The Advertiser about site 52A. Great newspaper huh? Would they know what investigative journalism is? The Australian has--Defence officials oppose nuke dump. Apparently, Defence officials have warned Senator Hill the EIS drafted by DEST was misleading, failed to adequately consult Defence and misjudged missile impact risks and radiation exposures.

Defence officials advised the radioactive repository would threaten the safety of testing because it sat beneath safety templates – areas set aside to enable the safe crash-landing of a projectile that is off-course. Sources say the officials are "violently opposed to 52a" and made a " scathing attack on the people who did the (EIS) assessment".

And a Japanese rocket last year crashed spectacularly just 8km from site 52a.

What does that say about The Advertiser for failing to follow up the story?Have their journalists read the submissions to the draft EIS. Or are they waiting for a Rann Government media release?

Well this is the DEST webite dealing with Radioactive Waste Management in Australia.

The full draft EIS (Environmental Impact Statement ) Report can be found here.

For the consultation process, submissions and discussion papers see here

The supplementary report, which responds to the issues raised by the public on the draft EIS, is to found here

Thats the process of how the Commonwealth got to propose that a radioactive dump would be just 1km away from the Range E Target Area, where defence and commercial companies frequently test missiles. I wonder what the Defence Department says? What did it say in response to the draft EIS?

General information on waste disposal of radioactive material can be found here. This is the US based International Atomic Energy Agency, but 'international' does not include Australia it would seem. There is no information on what is happening in Australia that I could find. It is all about Iraq.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 2:47 PM | | Comments (1)


Ummmm, what happened with the Liberal obsession with State's Rights? Oh, that's right i forgot, you only have to pay lip-service to democracy when seeking to score political points against your political 'opponents'.

I have to laugh every time politicians blame the public for not believing in them. Personally, i scratch my head at the fact that people continue to keep voting for them.