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Rann Govt in slash mode « Previous | |Next »
February 6, 2003

this says it all. The Rann Government is beholden to neo-liberalism. It had already cut deeply into health and education when it first came to power in 2002, thereby breaking its election promise that it would guarantee that health and education would be quarantined from budget cuts.

Now it aims to make more cuts in the forthcoming budget. Kevin Foley the Treasurer, says:

"We are still some way from balancing the books and it will be a hard tough Budget and there willl be spending cuts."

Balancing the books is the key policy goal. The Rann Government is shackled by the constraints of a neo-liberal mode of governance. It is looking more like the a Liberal government each day. This is a state government that is scared of the market and haunted by the State Bank debacle of a decade ago.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:21 AM | | Comments (6)


Absolutely right. They're scared shitless of what the market will do to them if they don't "behave" financially. Why, Moody's might downgrade our credit rating, and we couldn't have that.

Screw the people the values of myopic accountants and boy scout economists are more important than our health and the education of coming generations of

Oh for some pollies with guts, who are willing and intellectually able to step outside the pervading paradigm of economic rattery.

It would be helpful to have an update on the level of current interest payments(ie recurrent expenditure foregone) due directly to the State Bank debt overhang.
I personally think Labor gained power because it out-Libbed the Libs in most policy areas. Perhaps they've also learned the trick of cutting early so they can dip generously into the hollow logs created, cum election time.

So your complaining because the government is cutting spending- are you asking for tax increases to cover the gap, or are you happy with deficit financing?

it would be both. But we can also copy a trick from th eneo-liberals and do a bit of slashing.
How about cutting the subsidies to business--eg. the $2billion subsidy to the private health industry to prop them up. Some of theat money saved could be returned to cash strapped states such as SA.

'returned' implies that the money came from here in the first place.

There's plenty of corporate welfare cost cutting that can be done, but I posit that the money saved should then be returned to the taxpayer.

But then I am one of these awful 'neo liberal' type people.

As for deficit financing as policy, well, don't expect me to support that. I don't know how GWB expects to answer to the American people for the collossal deficiet he's running up; it's a crime against the future.

you should be overjoyed with the Rann Labor Govt. It calls itself Labor but it is continuing Liberal policies.

Do you think it is asserting its difference from the Libs in any of its policies (not rhetoric, spin, or media management?)