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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Peggy Noonan in Australia « Previous | |Next »
March 28, 2003

Peggy Noonan, from the Wall Street Journal, recently appeared in The Australian as part of the conservative campaign to soften up public opinion. It is the first time that her column has appeared in Australia as far as I know.

It was pretty thin material as usual. The message was we (the US) have to hang tough when the bodies of the soldiers start piling up. True, it was written, more gracefully than that. Here is a sample:

"After Vietnam, the US military establishment began to press for new preconditions of war. They would insist that political backing for any military action be real, clear and sustainable; that military planning include exit strategies in case of insupportable disaster; and that the US go into any conflict with full and ferocious force. Thus the heavy bombing, the highly technologised fighting force, the highly trained specialists that we see on the news every night.... The idea was that if you go in with overwhelming force, victory will beat the body bags home. All of which is understandable as strategy, but it has also tended to support the assumption that Americans can't take battlefield losses, that they've grown soft and unused to suffering, that ultimately they don't want to pay a price."

But things are not turning out the shock and awe way---despite the best attempts by the embedded media. Now embedding the reporters of the US networks enabled the Pentagon to control what we see and what they report on. And to see something different we need to turn to the foreign press; and what they show us ---mangled, blackened torn civilian bodies is viewed with disapproval by both the US media and the Anglo-American war politicians. And images that are offered to the western media by Al Jazeerah, for instance, are turned down by the Western media. They are too harsh and alarming and the they might give the public the wrong idea of what the war is about.

But the negative does trickle into the US consciousness along with the growing awareness the war is going to be tough and hard. So Peggy says 'hang tough'. We can take the body bags coming home. The American people will suffer through this, accept the body bags because they believe the war is needed and the US position is right. They will accept the high price that needs to be paid to oust Hussein and pacify Iraq. We Americans have moral courage and clarity.

Thats Peggy Noonan in Australia folks. An embedded journalist doing a good publicity job for the Bush administration. Much needed in Australia to give the local gals (Janet and Miranda a lift.) In the US Peggy is much loved by Tom over at TBogg and James over at The Rittenhouse Review. They have a deep appreciation of Peggy's moral uplift. Unsure what moral uplift is? Check out Peggy's latest effort Eyes on the Main Prize. It informs us that we should keep our eyes on the prize. Why? Becuse Peggy senses that the US:

" about to startle and reorder the world. We are going to win this thing, and in the winning of it we are going to reinspire civilized people across the globe. We're going to give the world a lift. Victory will remind the world that faith and effort trump ennui and despair. It will demonstrate to the civilized world that the good do not have to see themselves as at the inevitable mercy of barbarians."

Thats moral uplift. Want some more?:

"A victory in Iraq is about to enhance America's stature in the world. America deserves it. Because of all the powerful countries in the world, it is the most trustworthy, reliable and constructive. Soon this war will be over. It was hard getting there, hard doing it and there will no doubt be hard going. But it will be over, and we won't come back from hell with empty hands. We will have won a great deal. In the next week and weeks it will be good to keep that in mind, and keep our eyes on the prize."

You can see why Peggy is needed in Australia. The local conservatives are too negative. They just attack the left. They have no moral uplift.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 4:18 PM | | Comments (4)


Bombing them to Jeebus.

Are they the new Marxists?

"We are about to startle and reorder the world" with what will prove "a triumph of activism over fatalism."

A spectre is haunting the globe -- the spectre of .... well, of what, exactly? They call themselves conservatives, but speak and act like revolutionaries. Maybe we need a new term to describe this?

yes I do see the neo-cons as revolutionaries.They really are out to reorder the world. I heard Bush weekly radio speech in the early hours of Sunday morning --I was half asleep---but the impression was one of a cop dealing with criminals.A strange way to think of the relationships between nation states.