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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Power Dressing Milan-style « Previous | |Next »
March 4, 2003

If you want to make a big impression at the office, then how about a bit of power and awe to overwhelm those you are trying to persuade to give you that top job. Is this not war by other means?

There is lots to choose from in these suggestions from Milan.

Let us have a bit of fun to ease the war gloom. Imagine a young 30s something hip Liberal/Labor Party politician on the make. You know the type, ex-lawyer, wealthy parents, good connections, anxious to do well in public life, has a social conscience, wants to be a minister in no time at all and has the toe cutters backing her. She reckons that she has to cut a bit of dash around Sydney town to-- to be noticed in terms of the public eye.

My suggestion is to do it in a day. The web web number for the power breakfast.

Parliament is sitting early so a quick change is needed to get the media's attention where it matters. I reckon puss in boots would get the headlines if worn in federal parliament. It would certainly show up the grey/black suits of the old men with stiff limb.

This silk look for the campaign launch would get your policies noticed by the male journalists for sure.

The Silk and sweater would give the right casual tone of that Bulletin lunch interview with Maxine.

The etro mix is just right to say goodbye to the troops.

This beautiful dress for drinks at 5pm to get the local vips on side.

Definitely the sweeping velvet for the dinner that celebrates the party hero.

I reckon it would work. Those around the leader might not be too happy about it all. I'm sure that can be handled with some professional spin.

But be warned. My reputation is not good. According to the bearers of cynical reason I am only capable of doing a half double pike twist with a twist of lemonlips and, being a jackass, I end up splitting my head open on the board on the way down. And whats more, such routines bores cynical reason to tears.

So I may have got it wrong. But here's a thought. Those young neo-con turks who spend most of their time crying will come on side. I know they they are mostly bored to tears by their opponents and hopeless on the policy stuff. But who needs policy wonks these days? And boredom is just a public pose--- an anti-politics politics. But they will be charged up from the media pictures of the day's splash. Sex and politics what an explosive mix! Just imagine it . Its so Futuristic. That passion just needs to be properly directed by the war machine.

The neo-cons will be only too willingly to bash anybody's head in without a hint of remorse. They know how to do the wedge. They understand that its war. They will be more than willing to do the muscle work for the greasy pole climb. And they will do it for nothing more than a promise because what they really love is the blood and gore of politics. Tarantino is their boy.

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