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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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March 10, 2003

Bob Carr says that he runs a modest ship of state. It is about keeping things ticking over with fiscal restraint + a modest list of promises, including more teachers, smaller classes and expanded cancer services.

Graham Young provides an on-the-ground feel-- the NSW street---of the election from the work at the On Line Focus website

And green issues? Is not Bob Carr being sold by the ALP publicity machine as the Green premier? The Premier says:

"We have elevated environment concerns to the heart, not the fringe of politics. We have fought against the ultimate in overdevelopment - namely, a rate of population growth too big forSydney or Australia to handle. We have engaged a mature electorate about population policy and the slim carrying capacity of our fragile land. Labor's approach in NSW is far removed from the growth at any cost view of some other states. Our focus is on protecting our quality of life."

It is not just overpopulation. Its more about unsustainable practices with respect to water and land clearing and overdevelopment along the coast. Political expediency has meant little has been done over the last 8 years. The greens raise these issues and this makes them more than a outlet for protest votes against the Carr Government.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:41 AM | | Comments (4)


Like the Big Pineapple, they know that environment issues attention span is limited in voter la la land. When Goss got in, he promised the Gov't would buy freehold urban bushland in SE Queensland, since it will be mostly gone in 15 years. The scheme bought one property, then closed down. The Big Pineapple hasn't brought it back either, even though it was a key part of the SEQ2001 report, which itself makes interesting reading nowadays. Beware the greenwash of the ALP -- there is going to be bucketloads of it.

I'm just responding to the comment you made about ethnics either abiding by the rules of the land or shipping out.Although I agree with wanting a safe place for my children to grow up in,your wording sounded very offensive and racial because you stereotyped the whole community and just added fuel to the fire.I must stress that the parents of those criminals involved would not condone their behaviour.Tell me,if they were Australian where would you ship them to? or doesn't that relate to everyone?
I'm an educated Lebanese/Australian woman whose husband owns his own company and are trying to make a living although it gets very difficult when a small amount of people do the wrong thing then people like you, who I used to admire,categorise their views on the whole community.Just a friendly piece of advice,next time specify your intention, otherwise you will end up in Pauline Hansons qeue.
Although I was born here, I would like to know that we as a community can count on you to help minimise the widening gap between cultures and really getting to know us instead of passing judgement.
"WE'RE NOT TERRIBLE,"a few people not everyone.


I have re-read my postof March 10 and it says nothing about ethnics abiding by the law of the land or shipping out. The post is about green issues and the Carr Government.

I presume by "you" you are really addressing Bob Carr and his ALP government in NSW.

This weblog has nothing to do with the Carr Government.

I actually agree with your criticisms of the Carr Government's treatment of Lebanese Australians.

I must apologise Mr Thompson,I thought this site was Mr Carrs. I have tried many sites as to contact him but am unable to find the right one so far.

Sincere apologies,Helen.