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Timor Sea Treaty Ministerial Meeting « Previous | |Next »
March 6, 2003

Ever wondered what went on behind closed ministerial doors? Ever wondered how our political representatives conduct themselves on behalf of Australia citizens with foreign states that our neighbours.

Then read this transcript of Timor Sea Treaty Ministerial Meeting between Alexander Downer, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ian Macfarlane, Australian Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources, and H.E. Dr. Mari Alkatiri, the Prime Minister of East Timor. It is courtesy of

For a comment on the way the negotiations were handled see East Timor bows to PM on gas by Mark Baker

For some background to the conflict over gas reserves, see this or this or this or this

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:07 PM | | Comments (2)


Bob Brown was ejected from the Senate today over refusing to back down from calling Howard over this. Good on him, I say.

Yes I heard it as it was happening when I was on the phones this afternon---but the people at the other end were unsure why.

My sentiments are the same. Good on him.