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Turkey backtracks « Previous | |Next »
March 9, 2003

It appears that Turkey will soon consent to US forces using Turkey to launch a second front within a week or so. See DebkaFile

What do you think the Iraqi regime is doing? Buying time? Playing poker? Does Saddam Hussein reckon he has between two and three weeks to play with before deciding which way to jump to survive? Going for him are the Putin plan, the Franco-German counter-initiative to the US-backed Security Council motion which offers the arms inspectors another four months for their mission and the spiraling controversy between Turkey and the Kurds of northern Iraq, who threaten to fight any Turkish troops entering Kurdistan.

The Arab summit, which convened in Cairo Saturday, March 1 amid sore divisions over Iraq- didn't help him much. So Iraq reckons sit can play for time by dribbling out concessions.

This is a good account of the current mood in Washington. The full text of the March Blix report to the UN can be found here. This is Fisk on Blix. This is the New York Times judgement about the impact on the UN Security Council of the latest Blix Report. This is an interpretation of how thing are being played in Moscow

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:25 PM | | Comments (2)


GAry, just to let you know, the Fisk/Blix link isn't working.

Thanks.Its working now.