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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Dancing over the rainbow « Previous | |Next »
April 6, 2003

The war mood of the last few days in the Anglo American nations is an upbeat one. The Americans have captured Baghdad airport and advanced their tanks into the outer suburbs of the city meeting with little resistance. Iraqi civilians are fleeing Baghdad. British tanks have shot their way into the centre of Basra but still face dogged resistance from paramilitary fighters loyal to President Saddam Hussein. Saddam seems to be living a movie.

The public mood is one of ' soon the war will be over' then the peace.

The American mood is one of satisfaction and relief due to rapid military success in encircling Baghdad. The battle for the city will be clean and swift, the big tax cut will deliver the joys of growth from supply-side economics, whilst economic development is just around the corner. The Bush adminstration is on target to be re-elected, whilst the Democrats divided and largely silent. Washington is already dancing somewhere over the rainbow.

This is a detailed description from Robert Fisk, just prior to the battle. This is a detailed description of the first day.

How will the battle for Baghdad play out? Will it be like Basra? Are there historical precedents? Which precedents of urban warfare are most appropriate This suggests Warsaw being defending the Poles against the German war machine. It is a variant of the Grozny scenario mentioned below. This suggests the Tet offensive in Vietnam . This interview gives an indication of the Iraqi regime's hopes and strategy.

Meanwhile the Bush administration's planning for a postwar Iraq is running into several hitches. Unsuprisingly, Australia's voice is nowhere to be heard, even though our foreign minster talks a lot about it

And it appears from this article that the conflict between Europe and America will increase with the anti-isms on both sides (anti-Americanism and anti-Europeanism) deepening. Once the threat of the Soviet Union united them; now the Middle East divides them. But America no longer really cares about Europe.

The neo-cons must be dancing joyously over the rainbow gaily waving their plans to reshape the Middle East.

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