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returning to a state of nature? « Previous | |Next »
April 13, 2003

The New York Times has a timely editorial called Aftermath: The Bush Doctrine. It says:

"After the three-week military campaign that dispatched the regime of Saddam Hussein, the Bush administration may be tempted to unleash American forces against the next fire-snorting dragon down the line, whether in Syria, Iran or North Korea. While President Bush has every right to be pleased by the victory in Iraq, he should not confuse the military achievement for a validation of his doctrine of pre-emptive strikes...

...For many people and nations, the way the Bush administration went after Saddam Hussein confirmed fears raised by the doctrine. That is one reason why the move to war drew so much opposition around the world, and why this page urged the administration to pursue its goals in Iraq within an international framework. A doctrine that purports to spread happiness, but ends up spreading resentment, is not working, no matter how many statues come tumbling down."

The way it went after Hussein? Its slash and burn approach is one that leaves the rest of the world having to live in the wreckage of the storm called progress. This is the view of the liberal internationalists--it is a return to a Hobbesian state of nature What else is the shift from statue-toppling and impromptu street celebrations to looting and factional violence? What else is the destruction of one of the world's finest collections of antiquities, the Iraq National Museum?

As Paul McGeough says:
"It is a cultural catastrophe. Yesterday the museum's exhibition halls and security vaults were a barren mess - display cases smashed, offices ransacked and floors littered with handwritten index cards recording the timeless detail of more than 170,000 rare items that were pilfered."

As the war draws to a close the ongoing attack on the UN and a call for a full-throttle assault on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East continues. For a recent example from the Murdock Press, see Victory's no excuse for easing up. And the Bush administration has Syria in its sights

Is this preparing the ground for an ongoing world war against the enemies of liberal civilization?.

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