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A roadmap to where « Previous | |Next »
May 20, 2003

The news from the Middle East just seems to get worse according to the the news on television. The images are contra to all the spin about the US and its allies winning the war on terrorism in the face of bombings in Riyadh and Casablanca. Maybe the spinners mean that US military forces that occupy Iraq are now moving onto the next battle; instead of nation-building democracy there. Maybe the spinners can see the progress being made in converting the Middle East to liberalism.

Well I don't. Neither does the New York Times and the Washington Post But I guess they would not see the Bush administration in a positive light.

Maybe the spin doctors mean progress is being made because the day of reckoning between Saudi Arabia and the US draws ever closer? Is not the war on terrorism going to last years and there will lots more attacks on western nations. Do not the spin doctors say that this war against a fundamentalist Islam is one that western liberalism cannot afford to lose? Its all a matter of life and death.

The performance-based roadmap for peace in the region crumbles in the face of mutual hostility and hatred between Palestinians and and Israeli's. Is this just a stretch of bumpy road for the Americans? This is a road that bypassess all the tough issues: the future of Israel settlements, the return of Palestinian refugees and the drawing up of national borders.

President Bush is gearing up to get re-elected not brokering peace in the Middle East. The Israeli's do not want a road map to peace. Its too full of concessions about evacuating the territories. And the Palestinians have launched a second intifada on the grounds that violence is the only way to get the Israeli's to leave the territories.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:47 PM | | Comments (0)