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Its happening again « Previous | |Next »
May 29, 2003

The US press is once again falling in behind the Bush Administration on the threat posed by Iran's nuclear program to the US. The Wall Street Opinion Journal wants a bit more toughness. And see this Washington Post editorial.

Neither make mention of Israel's nuclear programe. And the Americans have known about that Israel is a nuclear state Israel refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or any other accord that would require it to account for the nuclear material it produces at its Dimona reactor in the Negev Desert.

Might not Israel as a nuclear state activate the Iranian desire for nuclear weapons? Look at this old Washington Post report. It says that:

"A thick canopy of ambiguity shrouds Israel's nuclear program, held in place by legal restrictions that generally prohibit the disclosure of state secrets -- including public discussion of Israel's nuclear weapons. The only way journalists and academics have been able to address the issue is by attributing any facts to "foreign sources" -- a device that allows Israel to pretend it is keeping the world guessing about its nuclear capability. This deliberate policy of obfuscation is called "nuclear opacity."

And it goes on:

"Eventually, Washington and Jerusalem came up with a formula that would avoid a bruising political confrontation: Israel would neither test nor declare its nuclear weapons, and the United States would look the other way. For Israel, this policy has provided the best of all possible worlds: It has enabled the country to keep its nuclear weapons, unhindered by U.S.-led non-proliferation efforts that have prevented the development of such weapons by other countries; and it has continued to receive American aid. For the United States, opacity has served as a lesser evil, helping to keep Israel's nuclear thumb out of Arab eyes and thus reduce the potential for regional war."

There is nothing about any of this in the Washington Post's editorial. It dutifully echoes the Bush administration line with a touch of caution. And this newspaper used to be a watchdog for democracy. What is happening?

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