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If it works don't fix it « Previous | |Next »
June 3, 2003

Gerard Henderson, as is his wont, offers some advice to the PM. He says the PM now has the opportunity to sort out the blunders that have been made:

" Australia's changed status, after the Iraq war, provides a convenient possibility for a policy adjustment...Howard's current high profile gives him an opportunity to restate Australian foreign policy with respect to the Asian region in a way that junks the old (and dated) obsessions with the (alleged) Keating legacy....This provides an appropriate opportunity for Howard to refocus Australia's position, after Iraq. By doing so, he can make significant progress towards burying the "deputy sheriff" misnomer and clarifying the "pre-emptive strike" confusion. It would be a convenient way of correcting a couple of the Prime Minister's relatively rare verbal blunders."

My advice? Don't do it John. No need. The foreign policy lines of deputy sheriff of the US and pre-emptive strike against South East nations are great. They work fine. The lines accurately state our tough foreign policy stance. Our neighbours (Indonesia in particular) are in no doubt that Australia stands shoulder to shoulder with the USA come what may.

Henderson's advice would only confuse things by softening the muscular stance.
If there is a desire to tinker with what works then just muscle up some more. The nation can do with a strong dose of a military culture. Being more warlike is what will give us respect in the region.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:59 AM | | Comments (2)



your sarcasm is showing. Not Hendo's finest hour today... he actually wrote:

'..his (Howard's) evident close relationship with George Bush gives Australia greater diplomatic clout in the Asia Pacific'

Utter tosh of course. His evident close relationship doesn't even seem to give us more clout with BUSH, let alone the Asia-Pacific. To imagine that our national profile and the regard in which we are held in this region has been enhanced by this cowardly and foolhardy adventure is either wishful thinking or sheer tineared dimwittedness. Pompous, Sheridanian hubris.

Also .. 'Tony Blair is using his high profile, postwar, to state Britain's aims with regard to European integration and most importantly, the Israel palestine conflict.'

Another hoot. Tony Blair right now must be wishing his profile was a bit lower, as he is being daily savaged by his own party for telling lies in order to invade Iraq, all of which has perhaps fatally wounded his credibility on the crucial issue of Europe. Trust Hendo to get it totally arse about face. Like Paul Sheehan, Blair seems to give him an erection.

As for Israel/Palestine.. oh yeah, Bush was all ears wasn't he? Hendo's dreaming if he thinks Blair is behind Sharon's latest olive branch. If Bush has been pushed on this issue, the real shove would have come from behind him at home, not abroad.

I missed those classic lines penned by Hendo.