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Iraqi fallout « Previous | |Next »
June 21, 2003

Things are hotting up in Iran. Instability beckons as the students take to the streets and aremet with repression.

American Conservatives, such as Michael Ledeen, can smell revolution in the air. He can smell the tell-tale odors coming from the undergarments of the doomed leaders, and sense a wavering of will, a growing pattern of panicky response from the conservative clerics in power. And Mark Steyn sees Czechoslovakia 1989 taking shape. Tim Blair concurs. Trash the Mullahs he says.

A less romantic account can be found here and here.

What has been happening recently is that the security forces and supporters of Iran's conservative leadership have clashed with large crowds in the capital Tehran who were protesting against clerical rule. The demonstrators have largely been students. This makes a difference to the standard fare of an Iran as an'axis of evil' state fighting the US as the 'Great Satan'. You can see the difference in these pro-American voices of protesting Iranian students fighting for freedom.

And the Iraqi fallout can be seen in Australia in the recent raids on Iranians living here. They belong to the People's Mujahideen or Mujahidin-e-Khalq, which is an effective propaganda voice outside Iran and mounts minor military operations from Iraq. It has negligible support among Iranians inside the country because it allied itself with Saddam Hussein's Baghdad, and it is seen by many as ideologically less desirable than even the current Islamic system.

The freedom of the Iranian Australians belonging to the People's Mujahideen must be constrained to placate the repressive Iranian regime. They are defined by the National Security State as terrorists.

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