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More on the ASIO Bill « Previous | |Next »
June 29, 2003

In case what you are wondering what was actually in the ASIO Bill that was passed by the Senate with the help of ALP, then Alan Ramsay from the Sydney Morning Herald has a good and clear account.

It's not good. Its 5 years in the slammer if you refuse to answer any question, refuse to co-operate with ASIO and refuse to provide information requested. If you don't know the answers you must prove you don't know.

This is the new face of the National Security State in the new international order. It says that Australia is confronted by Islam after September 11 and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Bill 2002 is a part of the overall strategy of the war on terrorism. In this clash of civilizations we in the West need to arm ourselves against the threat of terrorists, who are people with no legitimate political demands.

What lies behind this legislation and the security strategy of the national security state is a myth: international politics is divided into two civilizational blocs---West and Islam---who confront one another as enemies. From the West side we in Australia are confronted by the Islamic threat. A militant Islam seeks to destroy liberal democracy and replace it with an Islamic state. Terrorist cells are already active in Australia. The enemy is behind the higly protective borders, living amongst us, unseen and invisisble. They must be rooted out .

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exactly how does one prove one doesn't know something??

bit of a problem. But it is thrown back on us.If you cannot do it, its 5 years.

Nothing quite as superficial, G.S., as inventing your own straw man myth, then criticising it.

I'm not sure what the straw man myth refers to.

Is it the ASIO Bll? All I've
done is suggest you look at the provisions as described by Alan Ramsay. Hardly creating a strawman myth there.

Is it the clash of civilizations? I've only briefly
described the myth that sits behind the ASIO bill as a way of making sense of it.

There was no criticism of the myth. I am still trying to work the myth out.