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June 4, 2003

There is an article in today's Australian newspaper called, 'Defiant settlers dig in for long fight' (no link, p. 11). The opening paragraph says it all:

'The poster on the remote bus shelter states that the Jewish settler's case with uncompromising clarity: "No to a Palestinan state. No to negotiations with terrorists. Yes to the biblical land of Israel."'

That means the outposts stay. So do the established settlements in the West Bank and Gaza strip occupied by 220,0000 Jewish settlers.) The road map is just a piece of paper whilst the Americans, British and Europeans are foreigners interferring in place that doesn't belong to them.

Then I read an editorial in Monday's Australian Financial Review (subscription required, 02 06 03, p. 62)) about the US and the road map. It didn't even mention the settlements, outposts or settler movement in terms of easing the obstacles to the road map. It said:

"The Palestinians will have to yield on their demand of right of return for more than a limited number of refugees to pre-1948 Palestine, and Israel will have to give ground on its demand that East Jerusalem remain Jewish controlled in perpetuity."

The settlements are a non issue! Even George Bush acknowledged them as an issue in his speech recognizing Palestinian statehood. So does The Times as well.

The implication is that the religious settler movement's demands are just and equitable. Or that the Financial Review has little idea of what is happening on the ground in the Middle East.

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