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July 11, 2003

The Iraq weapons story continues to leak through the wall of secrecy, disinformation and spin that has been thrown around the war by the war mongers selling war on behalf of the national security state.

In Britain it is no longer WMD per se, it is now WMD programs. Programs are not weapons. And the White House is backtracking on its claims that Iraq tried to purchase uranium (yellowcake) in Niger.

From Canberra we have a case of deja vu. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that:

"The Office of National Assessments (ONA) yesterday revealed it knew American agencies in January had doubts over claims Iraq had sought to buy uranium from Africa but did not pass the information on to Prime Minister John Howard."

And in another report

"The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) admitted last night that it knew intelligence on Iraq's nuclear program was questionable shortly before the Prime Minister, John Howard, presented it to Parliament to build a case for war....The department claims it did not tell Mr Howard or the Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, of information from the American State Department in January that cast doubt on claims that Iraq was seeking uranium from Africa."

Of course they knew. They would not be doing their job if they did not know about the dodgy information. It is their job to sift and sort.

What we have here is the second wall of defence being deployed. It was deployed in the children overboard affair. It requires the public servants to take the rap, to be the fall guys. It enables to Howard to say that he is not for turning and to keep his political mystique intact.

Of course, we do have to allow the possibility that ONA is also incompetent. After all, some of it's intelligence in the children overboard was based on previous ministerial press releases.

I plumb for the public servants taking the rap and the politicians then defending them by saying they have complete confidence in them and protecting them from any inquiry. Whilst we watch the defence being played we can have a bit of a laugh at the gyrations of these kind of warmonger journalists.

If you buy Honest John Howard's story that the Niger yellowcake scenario was an insignificant one sentence buried in an annex to a big report, (a minor detail as it were), then have a read of this old article by Seymour Harris in the New Yorker. (Link courtesy of email service.) Harris argues that the British spy agencies were peddling falsehoods as part of a deception program, and that the yellowcake scenario was treated as highly significant in Washington.

On this account, the possibility exists that both ONA and the Department of Foreign Affairs were peddling falsehoods. Were they too engaged in a deception campaign? Are they engaged in one now?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:30 AM | | Comments (2)


Speaking of deception (delusion?) we've got Greg Sheridan in his latest Oz article writing under the title 'WMD doubts are ludicrous, ' His premise is 'THE US has material in its possession in Iraq which, if it checks out, will be conclusive evidence of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction programs.'

I'm not making that up…What the hell is going on with The Australian?

Always have lied, always will lie to achieve whatever agenda needs to be achieved. The 'people' are simply expected to comply.