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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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July 2, 2003

Here is an interview with Anne Coulter. I gather from the tone of the interview that she is doing the media rounds promoting her new book. (Link courtesy of Jason Soon over at Catallaxy Files.)

Coulter is into continuing the crusades as she wants to invade Arab states, kill their leaders and convert Muslems to Christianity.She would also like to affirm her patriotism by bombing the New York Times building and take out the editors and journalists. Is Coulter picking up the old program of the now defunct avant-garde in its effort to shock the bourgeoisie?

I haven't read Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism Nor will I for some time. When I see it remaindered in a bookshop in Adelaide I may pick it up. Or if the local public library happens to get it. Or if someone lends me a copy. I am interested in the political unconscious of the American Christian Right.

However, if you are desperate, and reckon that Anne has the good oil, then you can get a free copy of Treason here.

Here is a liberal response to it. Needless to say it is not complimentary. The hostility is to be expected since she does charge liberals with treason.

I take it that this is the political voice Christian Right in full throttle. My judgement is that this is mixed with a muscular arrogance that turns away from many aspects of the Enlightenment tradition.

You can get whiff of the vitriol in the Coulter text from this column. on Senator Joe McCarthy. You can see the charge in this text: the Democrats invoke a lie in order to shield their ongoing traitorous behavior.

The traitorous behavior? Democrats were communists, betrayed their country and undermined America's belief in the virtues of sacrifice, heroism and bravery.

Note the use of "fat oleaginous mug" to describe President Clinton.

You can find more at Eschaton

I take it that this will be the flavour of the forthcoming CoulterGeist. An event not to be missed for lefties.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:17 PM | | Comments (5)


From what I understand, she redefines any action or thought that disagrees with her own worldview as treason. I'll be interested to see how it sells.

No doubt it will be pushed very hard by the republician movement. She would have to be one of their celebrity journalists.

Her comments on Joe McCarthy bring back happier days for me, when the total nutters were concentrated on the Right, and the Left were largely quite rational. It was a bonus then, of course, to be an Australian, and not have to worry about McCarthy's mad witch hunts.
Now, however [in Australia at least] the nutters are springing up mostly in the Left, and are working desperately to drive anyone who won't support irrationality, over to the Right.
Unfortunately, although the Left used to be right, what's left of the Left, is now usually not right very often.

Coulter's a nutter, but she's no nuttier than left-wing nutters such as Mike Moore or Australia's own Helen Caldicott.

In fact Coulter and Moore use exactly the same tactics: out-of-context quotes, off-the-wall opinion misrepresented as 'fact' and proselytising hyperbolic polemic masquerading as a rational exploration of issues.

The same dumb, can't-think-for myself mindset is attracted to both of them.