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July 18, 2003

I have just come across Greg Sheridan's article on North Korea in The Australian. This paragraph caught my eye:

"Understand this first of all. North Korea and the problems it poses are not the invention of George W. Bush or John Howard, or a monstrous cabal of neo-conservatives plotting by sinister candlelight in some basement of the Pentagon. It was as much a problem for Bill Clinton."

Well not quite. The Bush Adminstration broke with the Clinton policy of giving aid to North Korea in return for giving up its nuclear programme. The Republicans opposed this in the Senate; identified North Korea as a part of the Axis, and took an aggressive (supported by Australia) to North Korea that is designed to provoke Pyongyang and back it into a corner.

And to claim that North Korea will be raining missiles down with nuclear warheads on the west coast of the US and the north east coast of Australia is a bizarre joke. North Korea does not have the capacity, whilst building thermonuclear weapons is probably beyond the country's scientific knowledge and financial reources. It is nearly bankrupt and is unable to provide enough food for its people.

Sheridan plays along with whipping up fear with his talk of "so much destructive capacity in such a dangerous and at times mad regime" and that "Australia, with its tiny population densely clustered in six isolated centres, is almost uniquely ill-equipped to survive, as a nation, any nuclear exchange."

Sheridan speaks on behalf of the neo-conservatives in Washington. He is their voice in Australia and seems to get most of his copy direct from John Bolton, the US Undersecretary of State.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 12:08 PM | | Comments (1)


Almost had one of those brain-waves we all get from time to time. Wow I thought- what if we got rid of the police and simply paid the money we saved to the crooks to behave themselves. Then I thought- Nah! wouldn't work in the long run. They'd eventually end up playing up again, so they could come back for more hand-outs.