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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Tim Blair Watch « Previous | |Next »
July 12, 2003

I see that Tim Blair says that "Iím fine with simply getting rid of a WMD-lusting dictator" in reference to Iraq. And in another post he says "Murdering lunatic deposed, people. This is a good thing."

Tim's foreign policy is pretty simple. Take out murdering lunatic, WMD-lusting dictators.

Well, Kim Jong-il in North Korea is one of these, as he has an extensive gulag system in place with its beatings, torture, hunger, slave labour and executions plus a reconstituted WMD program.

So lets go to war with North Korea. It is necessary.

How do we convince the Australian people to support another war? Easy.

Just talk about fearing a possible attack by North Korea, the need to boost regional security and developing the capability of missile interception that will give us the potential to engage in a broader missile defence.

Its a harsh and nasty world full of rogue states that threaten the Australian way of life. Lets take out the evil regime of North Korea in the name of freedom.

And while we are at it lets take out the Sydney Morning Herald.

And if China protests? No problems. Take them out as well. They are a threat to the USA as a Pacific power are they not? So Australia needs to step up and help defend the west coast to the USA. Thats what loyal allies are for. They stand firm when the going gets tough.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 2:28 PM | | Comments (9) | TrackBacks (1)

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sounds good to me. i say we turn the rest of the world into a sheet of glass, excluding our major allies. solve a lot of problems. let's make sure every member of PETA isn't in an ally country at the time, as well.

All in due time.

"So Australia needs to step up and help defend the west coast to the USA."

Actually, we are quite capable of defending it ourselves, but thanks guys. That's real neighborly of you, and we appreciate it. I can't see too awfully much to disagree with in your post 'cept that China thing. They're not really suicidal and I'm sure they can be dissuaded from going against their own interests. But we'll be happy to have you along when we toast that poofy-haired freak in North Korea.

"Nuke a Nork", eh buds?

"So lets go to war with North Korea. It is necessary. "

Sure! All in good time. Maybe it will take 8 years of weapons inspections but his time will come.

Tim Blair wouldn't know shit from clay about foreign policy. He's a non-event.

And you would? it's whiney, ineffectual transnational progressivist eunuchs like you who know shit about foreign policy. The rules today are the same as they always were, criminals, barbarians and tyrants understand force, the threat of force and NOTHING ELSE.

Oh Saddam gassed some kurds? Lets write a motion in the UN condemning him, I'm sure he'll give a shit. Grow up, little boy.

Fortunatly the adults are in charge, you idiot children can bitch all you like, YOU'RE the non-event.


The problem with using sarcasm in your posts the way you have in this one is that the language you use to express the sarcasm is the same language that the Rabid Right uses normally! Thus the gibbering war monkeys like Amos above don't get your point, and therefore can't contribute to the debate in any useful way.


I know. It is difficult learning to be an ironist.

you forgot Iran. And Syria. And Zimbabwe. And Libya. And ...

actually, by the time they've got through those ones, Afghanistan will need invading again. Damn colonies misbehaving...