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Afghanistan: little reconstruction happening « Previous | |Next »
August 25, 2003

This description of what is happening in Afghanistan is courtesy of Walter over at Idols of the Marketplace. Ben Ehrenreich says:

"In other words there is no electricity, running water, telephone service or medical care anywhere but in the largest cities, few government officials, and certainly nothing that resembles that ethereal state that international relations wonks like to call 'the rule of law.' In all but a few places outside Kabul (and to some extent, even there) political authority is a simple question of who is holding the gun."

From Ben's report it appears to that remote sections of the southeast have reportedly returned to Taliban control. Assaults on aid workers have become more common and increasingly bloody. Consequently, several NGOs have been forced to suspend their operations in the southeast. The U.N. has ceased reconstruction work in much of the south, and requires its staff to travel there only in convoys with armed escorts.

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