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Coral reefs under threat « Previous | |Next »
August 19, 2003

Coral reef1.jpg

The BBC has a story on the slow bleaching of coral reefs around the planet. (Link courtesy of kenrufo This is Not a Blog). The background to the mass bleaching can be found here.This si the Townsville Declaration. It says that:

"Marine protected areas are currently the best management tool for preserving coral reefs, especially for extractive activities such as fishing. To be effective, 30 - 50% of the available reef area should be no-take (no fishing) for long-term protection of coral reefs and their services."

Coral bleaching is now recognised as probably the primary threat to coral reefs anywhere. That includes the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, as the 7.30 Report indicates. The Reef has long suffered from the negative impact of agricultural activity along the coast.

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