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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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August 7, 2003

My posting at public opinion will be light today as I have to do some research on CoAG and the reform of water utilities.In the meantime you can read some interesting posts. The first is oppositions over at the visually-orientated junk for code. It is about the reaction to the corporate modernist architecture, urban living and the design of cities. The architectural forms in our cities are pretty bad, and our cities do need redesigning. The post explores the different pathways out of the corporate architecture that dominates our major cities. Few in public policy wonks are interested in such issues as they asume that the free market and shareholders can take care of it.

The other posts a moral hole and its the same old song over at explore the ethics of the anti-war crowd that have been raised by Norman Geras, Brad de Long and Abiola over at Foreign Dispatches.

For those who want their daily foreign policy fix then I suggest this article by Josef Joffe in yesterdays Australian. It is about America as the new Empire. Joffe's thesis is:

"America is unique in time and space. Others might be able to defy the US, but they can neither compel nor vanquish it – except in the meaningless sense of nuclear devastation that will be mutual. The sweep of its interests, the weight of its resources and the margin of its usable power are unprecedented."

This causes a reaction:

"But history and theory suggest that this uber-Gulliver cannot last. In the international system, power will always beget counter-power, usually by way of coalitions and alliances among the lesser players, and ultimately war, as in the cases of Napoleon, Wilhelm II and Adolf I. Has this game already begun?"

You can find more Joffe articles here at In the National Interest and here at Foreign Affairs.

If you want some a post on right wing journalists, then try this one over at Hector Rottweiller Jrs Weblog. The fans are becoming disenchanted with Anne Coulter. For some critical analysis about Coulter, culture and journalism, see Dave Rush's, 'Newspeak and Fascism for the masses!' over at Orcinus.

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