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Iraq: behind the violence « Previous | |Next »
August 16, 2003

This report by the BBC explores the organizations behind the steady stream of attacks on utilities, oil facilities, personneland US troops. The link is courtesy of Juan Cole over at Informed Comment

The BBC report is the best that I have seen on this issue. It covers the middle ground between the US conception of the atttacks being the isolated and fragmented acts of Baath Party remnants, and the popular Arab conception of the attacks as an expression of a widespread national resistance movement.

We need to keep in mind that the US troops' relationship with the Iraqi people is highly unsatisfactory. It often involves actions that invite retaliation. The situation on the ground is not good in terms of food, water and electricity. It's been described as a shambles. (link courtesy of Juan Cole)

The relationship between Iraq's and Anglo-Americans is increasingly being structured by an imperial relationship; one that is an integral part of the history of the West's (France and Britain) relationship with the Arab states.
It is slotting into an familar historical pattern.
Abu Aaardvark has an interesting post on a debate between Arab intellectuals discussing the prospects of reform. His links are to Arab texts. I could not find the English translations in al Hayat. So we need to read Abu.

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