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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

wielding racism « Previous | |Next »
August 11, 2003

One of the charges that the right in Australia often make of the left is that the left accuse the right of being racist. Righties say that race is used as a weapon. It's a debate stopper as it is used to stop the discussion and shut people up. If you are a racist then you have legitimacy.

I concur. This tactic has been used. It denies that you can defend conservative values (eg. integration or assimiliation) without being a racist.

But check this report from Condoleezza Rice, the national security advisor to President Bush. Link courtesy of Iraq War Watch

The report says that Rice said two things. First, the push to bring democracy and free markets to the Middle East was "the moral mission of our time", to be compared with the civil rights movement that ended racial segregation in America. Secondly, she said that those critical of the Bush administration's ambitions in Iraq and beyond deploy the "condescending" argument that some races or nations (ie., Arabs)were not interested in, or ready for, Western freedoms.

The tacit charge, given that this was a speech delivered to a black American audience (the National Association of Black Journalists in Dallas), is that the critics of the Bush administration's policies in Iraq are racists.

Odd. Very odd. It is the US that is constraining democracy in Iraq. Currently there is an appointed Governing Council that is controlled by the US. Iraqi's have very little say in policymaking or in running the country. This article quotes an advisor to a Governing Council member saying:

"The population of Iraq perceives correctly that it is the occupiers who are running things. Everybody else is there in some secondary or subservient role..."It's just like in the old days under the British mandate... Technically, you had an Iraqi minister. But it was the senior advisor, who was always a Briton, who was running things. If you wanted to get things done, you went and saw the fellow with the blue eyes, not the Iraqi. That is very much the situation as it's perceived today."

And Rice charges the critics with being anti-democracy! She is claiming that the left are saying that Arabs like American Blacks are not ready for Western freedoms, when it is the actual practice of the US in Iraq that implies that. What an inversion. And it was the American right, not the left, that said American blacks were not ready for democratic freedom. The American left sided with, and supported, the civil rights movement.

Me thinks Condoleezza Rice lives in an inverted world. Or she lives in a world full of distorting mirrors.

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