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Onward to the UN « Previous | |Next »
September 23, 2003

I heard on Radio National this morning as I was writing about the Constitution and citizenship that President Bush is to go the UN and challenge it to be relevant by giving the US a helping hand in Iraq. Bush wants money and troops since the Empire is overstretched.

Well, that's the gist of his speech according to the publicity coming from the White House. And this report in the Washington Times suggests that the problem has to do with the UN not the US. According to the imperial presidency, the US is right and always has been. This captures the tone:
Iraq1.jpg (Link to image courtesy of Three River Tech Review)

(The image is part of the brillant propaganda remix project of one Micah Wright. What a great homepage.)

As these advanced leaks indicate the question mark is over the UN. It is obligated to clean up the mess caused by the imperial presidency.

I concur with abu Aardvark on this. The UN proved its relevance by standing up to US pressure to invade Iraq. It increased its standing and reputation in world opinion that values values international co-operation.

Abu links to this interpretation of those events to justify the relevance of the United Nations.

As Juan Cole reports there was another bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad. He says that "the Sunni Arab nationalists just want to get the UN out, and to make the point to the UN that trying to rescue Bush in Iraq would be a very, very bad idea." And just to balance things consider this little snippet found by billmon about the conduct of US troops in Iraq. It does make you wonder about the US occupation doesn't it.

Juan helpfully provides a links to this academic research work on the roots of terrorism by US researchers as they respond to 9/11.

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