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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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September 28, 2003

I've been laid low all weekend with a savage bout of the flu. So I'm not feeling too good. However, this raised a smile:


It's very dualistic.

But then, so is the good and bad view from the White House and Canberra these days.

Even Thomas L. Friedman is starting to see it the limits of folksy White House cowboy dualism designed to keep Middle America locked into the imperial presidency. Here is Friedman's response to the imperial President at the UN last week:

'President Bush went up there last week, hat in hand, looking for financial and military support for the war he chose to launch in Iraq. I would summarize the collective response of the U.N. to Mr. Bush as follows:

"You talkin' to us? This is your war, pal. We told you before about Iraq: You break it alone, you own it alone. Well, you broke it, now you own it. We've got you over a barrel, because you and your taxpayers have no choice but to see this through, so why should we pay? If you make Iraq a success, we'll all enjoy the security benefits. We'll all get a free ride. And if you make a mess in Iraq, all the wrath will be directed at you and you alone will foot the bill. There is a fine line between being Churchill and being a chump, and we'll let history decide who you are. In the meantime, don't expect us to pay to watch. We were all born at night but not last night."

Okay, he's got things a bit messed up with free rider stuff. After all, the UN did not okay the Iraq in the first place because it was not convinvced about the security bits. And it is the US that is seeking legitimacy for it's occupation of Iraq.

But you can see a bit of sense breaking through the darkness of the neo-con blinkers.

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